Month: January 2006

links for 2006-01-20

Manhattan User’s Guide >> Out With the Old NYC places where you can donate, and in a few cases sell, your appliances, arts materials, bed linens, bicycles, books, cell phones, clothes, computers, furniture, printer cartridges, estate cleanout, glasses, etc. (tags: nyc trash recycling waste environment green)

links for 2006-01-18

Stardust Webcam live webcam from stardust cleanroom at the johnson space center in houston texas. the stardust sample return capsule arrived here on january 17, 2006. the time listed is cst; image updated every 60 seconds. (tags: astronomy stardust space webcam wonder)

links for 2006-01-13

feltron vii hilarious personal annual report. (tags: personal corporate annual report 2005 lists graphic design branding) HubbleSite – Hubble’s Sharpest View of the Orion Nebula – Image – 1/11/2006 exquisitely detailed view of orion nebula. how fun to stare into space! (tags: space hubble telescope nebula photograph orion astronomy)

links for 2006-01-12

Project Lü Lü, is a green fashion magazine in the making. It means green in Chinese. What China does in the next few years will decide the fate of the earth. Chinese text is influencing Western culture through Feng Shui, movies, videos. The majority of our clothes (tags: green fashion magazine chinese american creative environmental) Resurgence on-line magazine from uk featuring interesting mix of ecology, alternative education, spirituality, sustainable development, and the arts. (tags: art culture economics energy environment green magazine news organic) Apple Slicer beautiful and so useful, simple. Position this disc-shaped slicer on any apple and rotate to release slices. Don’t need a whole apple at once? Just leave the disc pressed against the fruit, and it will not dry out or turn brown. (tags: cooking design food gadgets shopping apple slicer beautiful functional sculpture) TapTap: an affectionate scarf (seen at we make money not art) TapTap is a scarf that can record, distribute and play back affectionate touch. 3 kinds of touch can be played back: the pressure of touch, the warmth …

links for 2006-01-03

David Byrne Journal: 12.25.05: Trip to the Philippines Fascinating travel journal and history lesson on the Marcos era of Philippines, photos, insights, philosophical musings on language and US politics. Could not put the laptop down. Looking forward to “Here Lies Love,” DB’s musical on Imelda’s life. (tags: Manila Philippines Travel Journal History Mythology Politics Philosophy Language Culture)

links for 2006-01-02

THE WORLD QUESTION CENTER 2006: What is your dangerous idea? Q for 2006: “What is your dangerous idea?” Lots of food for thought from multiple disciplines…. so much more interesting than end of the year lists. (tags: dangerous ideas edge thinking question science art literature philosophy)

on the love that dare not print its name in helvetica (or god forbid, arial)

Hilarious little article in the NYT today on type anachronisms in film, “Good Film, Shame About the Helvetica,” featuring link to Mark Simonson’s Typecasting article. (Note also the ongoing notebook of sightings.*) As one who can’t help recognizing and calling out the name of the typefaces in the world around me, I’m not ashamed to declare my membership in “the subset of a subset of a subset of society” that cares. Aside from love letters, money and presents, nothing received in the mail thrills me more than type catalogs.** Flopping on my bed with the latest offerings from Emigre and T-26 triggers a flight of fancy, imagining what publication, idea or product could embody the essence of each typeface. * I’m also fond of a skinema, a dermatologist’s blog that tracks skin conditions and the meanings we ascribe to them in films. ** Until recently. It seems garden plant and seed catalogs have started inspiring the same full sensory fantasies i used to feel only for type. Sorry type.

links for 2006-01-01

Participatory Culture Foundation | Watch Internet TV – DTV internet tv on your mac, built in channel guide, subscribe to any video rss feed (video podcast), download, watch and manage videos in one application. auto-download your favorite channels. (tags: tv podcast video rss internet channels download opensource) front design sweden love the objects “designed by animals” and the stories of things. (tags: design art objects ideas furnishings creative animals)