Month: February 2006

links for 2006-02-24

Podbop – We podcast bands coming to your town best mashup yet! enter your zip code, then listen to mp3s of the bands that are playing in your town this week so you know what shows you want to go to. (tags: mashup music concerts maps useful cool podcast web2.0 mp3 events art local) YOLO Colorhouse no voc interior paints and primers with natural palettes (tags: paint interior design home color environmental green)

links for 2006-02-23

untranslatable a community project formed to examine issues of untranslatability in general, with a specific focus on single words that require phrases, paragraphs, or pages to translate (tags: language translation words culture global) tunecore music delivery and distribution service that gets music you created (even cover versions) up for sale on itunes and rhapsody without asking for your rights or taking any money from the sale or use of your music. (tags: music mp3 itunes distribution diy business future publishing) accidentally kansas lori nix’s photography series of compelling staged miniature landscapes. beautiful, disturbing, how-did-she-make-those? i love the insect series too. (thanks artkrush) (tags: photography art kansas photo landscapes)

links for 2006-02-22

emergency contraception info and availability may you never need it, but may you be able to find it and get it if you do! accurate information and search providers by by zipcode, area code, city and state, or a clickable map of the U.S. (tags: health women sexuality contraception politis) to the teeth: thoughts on social justice, medicine, race, hope and beats fascinating blog and wonderful poem on shifting perspectives inspired by a fly dropping into daal (tags: kindness poetry india tibetans monk perspectives compassion tibetan volunteer poem)

links for 2006-02-08

AirTroductions – There’s Something in the Air i’ve always relished in-flight time to catch up on int’l design magazines and new tunes, but then again, my seatmates aren’t usually that compelling. peter’s got a clever idea here.. perfect for jetrosexuals! (tags: travel social networking web2.0 dating jetrosexuals)

links for 2006-02-07

ABE AND MO SING THE BLOGS!!!! oddly yet totally compelling! marisa olson and abe linkoln sing other people’s blog posts to cheesy pop tune melodies. (nb: i memorized the presidents to a go-go’s b-side and sing chinese restaurant menus to my brother, so ymmv!) (tags: art music blogs humor culture goofy) Joseph Campbell Foundation – Online Media Entire Joseph Campbell audio collection available for free download, but over time and in parts. Right now: “The Thresholds of Mythology”, “The Inward Journey” and “Confrontation of East and West in Religion”. Great stuff from one of my favorite teachers! (tags: JosephCampbell free lectures audio mp3 mythology education teacher culture global) the Art of DeTouch it’s so easy to look perfect… with photoshop. fascinating application allows you to compare before and after images from professional re-touch artists’ portfolios step by step. (tags: photography bodyimage media retouching image models fashion ideals bodies art images culture human)

2006-02-06 Highlights

Listening to Frances Moore Lappé’s inspiring talk at Stanford, “Choosing courage in a culture of fear” (itunes link). “How can it be that we as societies are creating a world that none of us as individuals would choose? In fact, that we as individuals abhor. How can it be true that as societies we’re creating a world we can’t identify as our own?” “The most important diet question is what we put into our heads.” (I also loved the book this relates to: “You Have the Power: Choosing Courage in a Culture of Fear” and was particularly moved by her 2003 book co-written with her daughter Anna Lappé, Hope’s Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet. About to dive into Democracy’s Edge. NB: their org Small Planet Fund throws awesome parties catered by one my favorites, the Cleaver Co.) Discovering the hilarious brilliance of Marisa S. Olson and her art at the jam packed Net Aesthetics 2.0 event. Amused at the examples chosent ot represent the 10 years of net art — net aesthetics …

links for 2006-02-06

30 Boxes intriguing shared web calendar app in beta to explore. yay — i can subscribe via ical and soon rss by tags. this will be useful! (tags: calendar productivity technology web2.0) graffiti font foundry extending the art form of graffiti into the world of typography and graphic design. documenting handstyles while developing typefaces. (thanks gothamist!) (tags: graffiti typography fonts typeface foundry graphic design culture urban)

links for 2006-02-03

Stanford on iTunes wow — amazing audio archive available free through itunes. Dalai Lama, Frances Moore Lappe, Steve Jobs, new tech, environmental journalism. Can’t wait to dive in and explore. (tags: audio podcast itunes archive free resource buddhism environment education lectures speeches performances discussions stories) 8by1: Wishlist for Your World Want to send a wish out into the universe? Here you can do that and connect to like minded people with the same wishes. Make an action plan, get together and make those wishes come true. (tags: wishes world global web2.0 empowerment improvement uplift community)