Month: March 2006

links for 2006-03-27

Dabble (launches beta today, yay!) Video remix community that makes it easy for people to collect, create, browse and find video online. (tags: video remix mashup web2.0 tools movies) Things Are Going Through You All the Time: the Art of Kiki Smith – by David Byrne “It takes years of work to become human on your own terms, even if a fucked-up specimen of human, not someone else’s idea of what human should be. First there is discovery, then exhumation . . . and then due diligence, as the lawyers say.” (tags: art life biography creativity) Sustainable Table Blog blog exploring issues in organic/sustainable/local food. (thanks megnut!) (tags: food sustainable organic local health nutrition politics) The Modern Hunter-Gatherer – New York Times What should we have for dinner? Michael Pollan’s compelling account of tracing the food chain. (tags: hunting food foodchain) IDESiGN – seven ways of design thinking a teaching resource free to anyone interested in teaching children and young adults creative and critical thinking skills they need to cope with any subject or situation. …

links for 2006-03-24

Quimble – quick, easy web poll building tool lunchtime poll anyone? (tags: poll web2.0 polls tools social research tool useful) SEEJANE.ORG – improving gender portrayals in children’s media “By making it common for our youngest children to see everywhere a balance of active and complex male and female characters, girls and boys will grow up to empathize with and care more about each others’ stories.” (tags: media women gender entertainment archetypes children) Sioux leader vows to bring Planned Parenthood to SD reservation Broadsheet salutes Cecilia Fire Thunder, first female president of the Oglala Sioux tribe of South Dakota and a longtime advocate of domestic violence prevention and other true family-friendliness. (tags: women politics health) Harvard Psy1504 – Positive Psychology – Tal D. Ben-Shahar The course focuses on the psychological aspects of a fulfilling and flourishing life. Topics include happiness, self-esteem, empathy, friendship, love, achievement, creativity, music, spirituality, and humor. (tags: GNH happiness education psychology)

links for 2006-03-23

XigiDiscovery What’s the best way to invest in world changing? That depends on how you think of yourself and your money. XigiDiscovery lays out the options based on how you imagine yourself. (tags: investment financial capital sustainability worldchanging markets microfinance housing socialenterprise) The Institute for the Future of the Book (tags: books publishing digital technolgy culture reading future)

links for 2006-03-22 great new tracks from karsh kale are making me dance at my desk this morning. (tags: music streaming hiphop global pop electronica dance rock) The Interactive Institute – Home interesting art and technology projects to explore (tags: art technology interactive sweden stockholm) World Water Day: Home thank you thank you and love to water. may you be clean, safe and free around the world (non-earth sources too!). why are there not more us events related to this? (tags: environment water h20 health culture sustainability)

marilyn minter: what it feels like to look

more photos from a Creative Time studio visit with Marilyn Minter Marilyn Minter describes herself as a photo-replacer, not a photorealist. Realism dissolves as you get up close to her paintings. Yet somehow, the paintings feel more real than the gorgeous photographs that inspire them. Illuminating the moments when things fall apart, the paintings get more interesting as your gaze lingers on after that first arresting glance and you discover the imperfections. Hand feathered layers of enamel on metal render sweat, stubble, wrinkles and freckles lush, tactile and luminous. Commercial sign enamel turns out to be the perfect medium to explore the ways the fashion ideal falls apart up close. Enamel dries within 5 minutes but is rated for 80 years of outdoor use on signs, so it may be the most archival-friendly paint available. Her students underpaint the first 2 layers with brushes, then Marilyn builds it up using her fingers to smooth the edges. The effect looks like it feels like flesh… unruly, imperfect, leaky, juicy, decaying, compelling flesh. Good luck looking away! …

bleecker street in bloom

black white & yellow at lulu guinness Originally uploaded by this is emily. Happy fresh black white & yellow windows at Lulu Guinness. When I lived in Firenze for a summer, I navigated by store window displays. Turn left at the red Romeo Gigli. Alas, when the fall fashions arrived, I had to learn my way around town all over again.

links for 2006-03-20

Doma Art Show – Welcome to the Doghouse by Alexis Trice Enchanting oil on panel paintings of animals in whimsical situations caught my eye at Doma Cafe (which also serves the best toasted steel-cut oatmeal and plays awesome music) (tags: art exhibition painting) What’s Up? – an indispensable tool for the global newsjunkie (tags: datavisualization map news global design web2.0) Resources: The Revolution Begins Fast company article on the “green of green” — sustainable production. haworth/wholefoods/mcdonough/ (tags: green environmental sustainable business economy environment cradletocradle)

links for 2006-03-19

SXSW06.INT.20060314.BruceSterling.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object) Audio from Bruce Sterling’s closing talk at SXSW – what kind of future are we building and what should we do about it? make no decision out of fear. carl sandburg’s “the people, yes.” yes! (tags: audio mp3 brucesterling sxsw future thoughtprovoking)

links for 2006-03-18

CommunityWalk create interactive maps you can place on your site. fun to explore others’ — interesting stuff on the explore tab. (tags: mashup web2.0 community maps) Remarkable – Recycled products fun stylish recycled stationery and office products in UK. personalized custom orders available too. (thanks treehugger) (tags: environmental eco green design office paper stationery) text of Bruce Sterling’s e-tech speech spimes – internet of things – web 2.0 – “theory objects” – artificial intelligence – everyware v. patchy & limited – thinglinks – blogjects – receding tech – decaying tech (tags: design technology web2.0 internet) information aesthetics – oil barrels price translation web browser plugin that converts all prices from US $ to equivalent value in barrels of crude oil. when you load web page, any dollar amounts are converted by scripts into cost of oil and prices rise and fall in real time based on commodities exchange. (tags: consciousness environment oil politics web datavisualization)