Month: June 2006

joel fan’s world keys and other musical notes

Even if you haven’t heard of Joel Fan yet, you may have already heard him on Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project. If not, be good to yourself and catch up (with Silk Road Journeys: When Strangers Meet) immediately! He just released his spectacular debut record, World Keys, featuring premieres of compositions from around our beautiful globe. I’m partial to La Nuit du Destin, a gorgeous swirling romantic piece by Syrian composer Dia Succari that builds up over time. Possibly because it’s been playing in my head since December, 2005, when i heard a live preview, and I’ve been longing to hear it again ever since. Looking forward to letting the other tunes blossom inside my head and heart… will report back later perhaps with new favorites as they emerge. World Keys isn’t up on iTunes (yet), but it is available for immediate gratification on eMusic, which inspired me to revisit. You can sign up for a free trial (requires credit card and cancellation before pay period begins) of 25 free downloads (World Keys = 12 …

links for 2006-06-26

It Died for Us – Frank Bruni – New York Times Interesting essay on the ethical implications of our diets. From lobsters to feed lots to foie gras…. lots of good questions! (tags: nutrition food ethics diet consciousness animals compassion) Seed: No Longer a Mind of Our Own “New research is blurring the species boundary, forcing us to rethink what it is to be human.” (tags: humanity humans neuroscience identity personality animals science ethics psychology emotions consciousness elephants)

links for 2006-06-24

The Ethicurean An eater of tasty things that are also sustainable, organic, local, and/or ethical — S/O/L/E foods, for short. (tags: blog eating food nutrition sustainable organic local ethical) Blog from Bolivia: The Sun Rises on the Andean New Year “In Aymara culture the new year begins with the emergence of the sun’s first rays at the end of the longest night of the year which, here in the southern hemisphere, was last night.” The photo at right is of Cotopaxi, an Andean volcano in Ecuador, where the sun’s New Year is also celebrated in Quechua culture. Yay natural calendars! (The Gregorian one really cramps my style…) (tags: happynewyear calendar time solstice sun solar aymara culture ritual celebration)

links for 2006-06-21

AIR – Preemptive Media intriguing: AIR is a public, social experiment in which people are invited to use Preemptive Media’s portable air monitoring devices to explore their neighborhoods and urban environments for pollution and fossil fuel burning hotspots. (tags: collaborative art sustainability pollution Project environment social gps data visualization) PSFK: Is Second Life IP Issue More About SL’s Broken Economic Model? fascinating issues of IP and business models for virtual products and brands. (tags: business community games IP marketplace virtual creativity commerce)

Identity Mash-Up

Identity Mash-Up conference going on right now (June 19-21) at Berkman Center, Harvard Law, exploring lots of compelling issues related to identity in the digital era, privacy, civil liberties, civic participation and commerce. Live streaming video of sessions available and IRC at

links for 2006-06-18

geographic text browser – data visualization & visual culture – information aesthetics a geographic text browser, intended to help readers explore the spatial & geographical component of classic works of literature. the application parses public domain texts from Project Gutenberg, & extracts all the geographic locations it can find. (tags: informat)

links for 2006-06-14

imagining ourselves – a global generation of women interesting global online conversation on ideas and issues, stories, movies, events, and a book. monthly themes — the future, culture & conflict, money. (tags: women global socialaction community storytelling conversation)

links for 2006-06-13

Turning Rivers Into Playgrounds – New York Times Fun along the NYC waterfront, including kayaking! (Picture at right is from my own kayaking on the Hudson adventures.) (tags: nyc kayak hudsonriver hudsonriverpark pier63) New American Dream – Conscious Consumer information to make informed choices in the marketplace to protect the environment, enhance quality of life and promote social responsibility. (tags: environment consumerism guide socialjustice qualityoflife shopping) Kate’s Paperie launches home store in SoHo a favorite paper source had been playing with rugs and now apparently into wallpaper, rugs, throws, sheets, linens, containers, lamps (tags: home design color shopping nyc soho katespaperie retail) The Global Microbrand Presentation at Reboot8 by Hugh Macleod & Rick Segal: “A global microbrand is simply a business, which would be small or unsustainable in a local community or even nationwide, but can be big business when it can reach customers world wide through the internet and serve them efficiently. High-end products which cost much more than their transport seem to be natural candidates for this kind of business.” (tags: brands branding …

links for 2006-06-11

The Dalai Lama’s Many Auras, at the Fowler Museum in Los Angeles – New York Times This exhibition looks interesting. It will be in NYC March 3, 2007 – September 4, 2007 at the Rubin Museum of Art. Especially intrigued by Laurie Anderson‘s installation which sounds like a physical manifestation of one of my favorite parts of “The End of the Moon,” a performance inspired by her year as artist-in-residence at NASA. (Highly recommended if you have the opportunity to see it!). And the Marina Abramovic installation “At the Waterfall”. Here’s Laurie Anderson interviewing Marina Abramovic about her experience (Tibet-related topics start on the 2nd page of the interview). (tags: art tibet hhdl dalailama laurieanderson marinaabramovic exhibition compassion impermanence peace interdependence)