Month: August 2006

links for 2006-09-01

Meet Blake Jones of Namaste Solar (lime)interview covering interesting trajectory from halliburton to renewable energy in nepal to solar in USA “A lot of Nepalis would say to me, Hey, you’re telling us to do it this way, why don’t you Americans do it this way? You tell us not to use dirty coal,(tags: interview energy solar alternative renewable environment green) Kira Greene-Paintingsfound through url typo.

links for 2006-08-30

Google Book Search download free PDF versions of full books in the public domain (here a collection of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poetry). (tags: books publicdomain free google) Notes from FOO Camp: Getting High Performance out of High Potential People Caterina Fake’s excellent notes from FOO Camp series starts here. Thanks for taking and posting notes! (tags: life management people performance potential productivity reference leadership)

links for 2006-08-25

Second Life Liberation Army The SLLA is a national liberation movement commmited to the establishment of citizens rights within Second Life. As Second Life currently operates as an authoritarian government we are going to press our demands through the tactical use of force. (tags: secondlife citizen rights)

links for 2006-08-24

ThisNext social shopcasting network where people can discover, recommend and share products and services they love. (tags: business collaboration commerce community consumerism consumption culture discovery folksonomy reviews retail playlist marketing gallery social wishlist trends)