Month: September 2006

links for 2006-09-26

TWENTY1F Fashion for the 21st century: a group of designers, researchers, artists & technologists pushing the boundaries of fashion. We are committed to exploring and documenting the redefinition of the body and society through the hybridization of clothing and (tags: fashion technology textiles body society clothing)

(better than) good magazine launch

for an investor, maybe not so much, unless you’re going on the Google Story lessons): give $20 to the organization of your choice (within a well selected array including some of my favorites Oceana, Witness, Ashoka and Creative Commons), get 6 issues and an invitation to the launch parties in LA and NY. With refreshing transparency, they reveal how far along they are on their goal, and how many subscribers choose each organization so you can direct your dollars accordingly if you’re torn between worthy causes.

links for 2006-09-21

Julia Lohmann Designer exploring threshold between animal and material. Cow benches, Flock and Ruminant Bloom sheep lights. By making objects out of “obsolete” animal materials we’re forced to consider the animal itself. (tags: design product animal material leather cow furniture) More on Gore’s speech Full text of Gore’s powerful speech at NYU Law School on Sept 18th, 2006. (tags: change crisis economy environment global green landscape politics policy speech sustainable)

links for 2006-09-19

The Muppet Matrix (tags: funny matrix muppets video muppet 3d mashup humor) Trove of new marine species – World Environment – Dozens of fish, shrimp and coral species, including two new types of a shark that walks on its fins, have been discovered in waters off New Guinea in the South Pacific, conservationists announced Monday. (tags: fish shrimp coral shark fins species news) Similarity Web for Cradle to Cradle Interesting visualization of Amazon recommendations for any book. (tags: datavisualization design books mashup visual)

links for 2006-09-18

tell USDA not to approve contamination of food with illegal, genetically engineered rice USDA is fast-tracking approval of Bayer’s LL601 genetically engineered rice since oops — it’s already contaminated our global food supply. (tags: food safety health agriculture rice genetic_engineering)

protect your largest organ: the skin you’re in

brilliant melanoma awareness campaign in marc jacobs windows. naked celebrity photograph t-shirts with “protect the skin you’re in,” “protect your largest organ,” and “save your ass,” with proceeds going from the sale of t-shirts (and the photographs by bill ) to NYU interdisciplinary school of medicine melanoma cooperative group.

us open women semifinals – sharapova vs mauresmo

Following their display, (September 1–October 31, 2006) the banners will be recycled into tote bags and sold at auction, with proceeds going to scholarship and mentoring programs that benefit students of the visual arts…. All contain passion, thought, and energy—qualities that only emerge when the world’s finest creative minds apply themselves to a brief they truly believe in.Interview with Mark Randall and Tim Tompkins, of the Urban Forest Project.

links for 2006-09-05

It’s meant as a positive and unconditional expression of luv to be shared, copied, worn, customized, distributed, printed, and otherwise applied, for any non-commercial purpose.

…What we most want is experiences and relationships that give our lives meaning, make them enjoyable, and give us the ability to better prosper.