Month: October 2006

links for 2006-10-31

Afterall Afterall is a journal of contemporary art published twice a year in London and Los Angeles. In each issue the editors select five artists whose work we find compelling, with the idea that the juxtaposition of very different bodies of work adds to the inte (tags: art magazine contemporary artists) sustainable/design/portal (halve your cake and eat it too) since small objects can leave a long impact trail in their wake, this overblown links-list is devoted to sustainable product design: the eco-architecture of small things. These are the best doors I can find into the spectrum, which ranges from the satisfy (tags: design materials sustainability urban links)

links for 2006-10-30

Travelistic (tags: travel video web2.0 Videos community world maps) mary mattingly global world of mary mattingly, visual artist, futurist, cultural theorist, designer, environmentalist, a creator, an inventor, et al. (tags: home uniforms human travel mobile singularity future ideas philosophy environment mythology art) Sydney Matrix locations – a photoset on Flickr hilarious recreation of scenes from the matrix shot in sydney (tags: photography matrix geek movie recreation sydney australia)

links for 2006-10-28

urbis Urbis is a creative community with three types of users: creative people, those who love and support creative people, and those who have opportunities for creative people. (tags: community creative poetry Writing critique web20) Memento Mori Watch (via Cool Hunting) Dating back to 1810, the Memento Mori Death Watch is a particularly dark reminder—even more so than most timekeepers—of our inevitable demise. Designed in the shape of a miniature skull with hinges, this pocket watch tells the time when you peel back (tags: watch skull mortality design time) NOTCOT.ORG photo idea wall “for your ideas + aesthetics + amusement” (tags: design inspiration art gallery resources visual creative culture)

links for 2006-10-25

SFGate: A menu’s pastoral descriptions may not be what they seem Doing due dilligence on dinner. Knowing the name of the farm where the animals come from is not enough now that Sysco and Cargill have gotten into the pedigreed protein game with White Marble Farms pork. Although it’s been marketed as “all natural” and of (tags: Food animals sustainable ethics diet animal welfare humane eating meat)

links for 2006-10-24

Automatic Photo Pop-up software automatically constructs simple “pop-up” 3D models, like those one would find in a children’s book, out of a single outdoor image. The system labels each region of an outdoor image as ground, vertical, or sky. Line segments fitted to the ground-v (tags: 3d software Photo photography computer bricolage design visualization photos graphics) Meat Labels Hope to Lure the Sensitive Carnivore – New York Times New animal welfare labels and certification program. What is “animal compassionate,” “certified humane,” “free farmed”? (tags: food farming environment compassion animals)

links for 2006-10-23

Bill McKibben: How close to catastrophe? (via Gristmill: The environmental news blog) A new essay by Bill McKibben, addressing — in the context of reviewing five new books — just how close we are to ecological catastrophe, and what reasons there are for hope. (tags: environment books reviews catastrophe hope) Seed: How to Make Women Flunk Math A report published Thursday in the peer-reviewed journal Science showed that women exposed to theories saying females are genetically bad at math performed far worse on math tests than women who had not been exposed to such beliefs. (tags: education gender genetics psychology)

links for 2006-10-20

(CLL) PHN-LCKN Announced – possible cure for severe micro-cellulotamination We’re terrified. Thanks to tireless researchers at LVHRD, we’ve just learned of the dangers of Severe Micro-Cellulotamination. Apparently, cell phones aren’t as safe as we were told. Fortunate for us, and all of our New York based friends, there is a cure (tags: event nyc culture mobile technology social) The Lazy Way to Success: Weeds and Life’s Purpose “The problem is that most folks, besides not believing they are special (a tragic oversight, by the way), are so dulled out or fatigued that their innate intelligence, creativity, and passion are encrusted with inertia and thereby rendered sluggish. The s (tags: creativity inspiration passion intelligence rest sleep rested) vanilla discussion forum software open-source, standards-compliant, multi-lingual, fully extensible discussion forum for the web. easy to see what you’ve already read and how many new comments are in each discussion. free. intriguing add-ons. (tags: forum opensource php ajax web mysql webdesign community software) – Subway Directions and Bus Directions for New York City (NYC) (tags: nyc subway maps …

links for 2006-10-19

Yahoo Time Capsule – by Jonathan Harris The time capsule invites anyone in the world to contribute five simple things: words, pictures, sound, video, and drawings, in response to ten universal ideas: love, sorrow, anger, faith, beauty, fun, past, hope, now, and “you”. (tags: Time Capsule community inspiration art collaboration visualization photography ideas humanity navigation participatory) Crypton Super Fabrics:Crypton Design Pet Bed The Nike ID of Pet Beds… Design your own pet bed from Crypton fabrics (including William Wegman and Michael Graves designs). Stain, moisture, odor and bacteria resistant. (tags: shopping custom fabrics pets dogs wegman design beds)

links for 2006-10-14

Welcome to GoPets Game of pets for peace – make friends all over the world. When you’re not playing your pet travels and makes new friends. (tags: r06airlie design games peace blogs global play fun dogs cats animals avatars nicolelazzaro) ARGN – Alternate Reality Gaming Network (tags: blog alternate reality game Gaming collaboration community culture r06airlie) Okami from game based in mythology and folklore, gorgeous japanese calligraphy and watercolor visuals (tags: games ps2 okami r06airlie watercolor calligraphy aesthetics beauty japanese) Office of Force Transformation: Home Page (tags: military defense government research technology creativity r06airlie) | Taking the mystery out of Congress issue campaign to persuade the U.S. Congress to establish the “72 Online” rule to post legislation and conference reports online for 72 hours before floor consideration in Congress. (tags: politics congress government legislation debate Senate corruption tools democracy information knowledge participation activism r06airlie) Global Dignity Project The mission of the Dignity Project is to implement globally the universal right of every human being to lead a dignified life. This is a paradigm …

links for 2006-10-10

Reveal Labeling Initiative Oh to have reliable, transparent information about a product available at the point of purchase so you can choose wisely and confidently. Nathan Shedroff’s working on it…. Reveal Labeling Initiative looks promising. (tags: sustainability information environment Design consumerism ecological retail decisionmaking transparency green) futuro @ l’femminile – Progetto Donna The future, in a female way. Intriguing site that aims to teach women about and empower them through technology… sponsored by MS, HP and Acecnture. Also in an Italian way… ooh I wish I kept up my Italian better. Babelfish is so imprecise. (tags: technology women education empowerment italian italy) The Changing World Interesting series of documentaries produced for the BBC World Service probing into our changing world: emerging megacities in the developing world, the struggle within the Arab world to create a new path to prosperity while honoring old traditions, Cuba (tags: worldchanging radio media audio cities podcast change lectures mp3)