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David Byrne Journal: 11.20.06 what if the benign effects of religion are intimately tied to the dark side? What if you can’t have the good without the bad? What if the shared sense of community, for example, is tied to the belief that God has given this community a personal mandate, (tags: davidbyrne religion china india evolution) 800 Very Unsquare Feet – Nina Garduno’s Free City Supershop For something to be perceived as authentic, that value has to be communicated cleanly through every detail — from the quality of the wash, if it’s a T-shirt, to the integrity of the physical environment. This is the almost visceral sense you get when (tags: retail experience authenticity shopping marketing branding style) For $150, Third-World Laptop Stirs Big Debate – New York Times “They should buy Dell’s $499 laptop for now,” he said. “Ours is really designed for developing nations — dusty, dirty, no or unreliable power and so on.” (tags: onelaptop innovation creativity computers design learning)

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My Life as a Dog – New York Times Beautiful essay by Jonathan Safran Foer on dogs in the city and all of us on the planet. (tags: dogs earth environment animals kindness jonathansafranfoer) …My heart’s in Accra » Nancy Hafkin on Gender and IT Hafkin wants a future of Cyberellas, empowered women who have the ability to devise new uses for information technology, find and create information and act as designers, not just users. (tags: nancyhafkin gender internet equity women empowerment cyberella computers it development) NOTCOT.: If we don’t… If you don’t preserve nature by switching off your computer, who will? Publicis created an incredible ad campaign for EDF featuring penguins turning off computers, meerkats installing solar panels, anteaters turning of the tube and orangutan screwing i (tags: advertisement environment animals energy green sustainable social penguins) Acoustic sensors make surfaces interactive Tai-Chi (Tangible Acoustic Interfaces for Computer-Human Interaction), was developed by researchers from Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France and the UK. “We have made a system that can give any object, even a 3D one, …

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Transmaterial: Pileus, the Flickr Umbrella The Flickr Umbrella, also known as Pileus (which refers both to the head of a mushroom and a cloud formation), can download and project still image and video content in real-time from Flickr or other websites using the umbrella fabric as the projection surface. Images are advanced with a simple flick of the wrist, which rotates the umbrella shaft a couple degrees. The umbrella also comes equipped with a simple camera mounted to the shaft, and a low-resolution photograph may be taken, uploaded to the Flickr website, and actively projected by the umbrella within two to three seconds. (tags: Materials technology flickr umbrella photos projection video) 9 to 5 Paintings Create art while you work! If you find yourself spending more and more time answering email, and less and less time making art then why not do them both at the same time? Turn your emails, internet browsing, and report writing into digital paintings. 9 to 5 paintings are a visual representation of your daily computing routines. (tags: Art design …

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Xerox Seeks Erasable Form of Paper for Copiers – New York Times Brinda Dalal, Xerox “Garbologist,” discovered a notable change in the role of paper in modern offices, where it’s increasingly used as a medium of display rather than storage. Documents are stored on central servers and personal computers and printed only as needed; for meetings, editing or reviewing information. The pieces of paper spewed from copiers frequently end up back in the recycling bin on the same day they are printed, she noted. (tags: paper environment recycling reusable erasable innovation invention technology) HSIM: How Stuff Is Made HowStuffisMade is an encyclopedia of and manufacturing processes and labor conditions involved in the production of contemporary products. HowStuffisMade (HSIM) reconsiders engineering / design education as fundamentally connected to the social and political constraints, organizational innovations and global context that inform manufacturing decisions. (tags: design howto manufacturing wiki research useful interesting lifecycle ecosystem interconnected sustainability) Digital Well Being London and online shop showcases the sometimes weird and wonderful relation between technology and nature through a selection of …

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YouTube – ウェルシュ・コーギー Welsh Corgi Cosmo’s favorite video today — cute Welsh Corgi pups (tags: dog corgi puppy video cute youtube welshcorgi) kuler Explore, create and share color palettes and themes with this web application by adobe. (via Core77) (tags: color webapps flash palette design)

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Global Orgasm – December 22nd, 2006 – Peace through Global Ecstasy Global Orgasm is an experiment open to everyone in the world. The goal is to add so much concentrated and high-energy positive input into the energy field of the Earth that it will reduce the current dangerous levels of aggression and violence throughout (tags: sex orgasm peace activism global politics consciousness energy) fairfax avenue: a jon brion resource. oh happy day, thanks for this wonderful live recording of a great jon brion show, news and leadsheets for the amazing musician who kicked off this blog. (tags: music jonbrion bootlegs mp3s recordings) Sundance Winner ‘The Corporation’ Released for Free on BitTorrent at Torrentfreak Filmmakers of “The Corporation” distributing high quality rip of master DVD + bonus materials through BitTorrent for free and launched a campaign for Corporate Harm Reduction (C4CHR) to collect stories on impact of film as feedback loop on “what you can d (tags: bittorrent thecorporation distribution movies film documentary)

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Madonna Series by Chris Twomey at Tribes Gallery, NYC In her Madonna Series, artist Chris Twomey interprets the mother-child bond from a more scientific standpoint: using the genetic similarities that are passed down through DNA. Twomey takes photographs of mothers (herself included) and their children in po (tags: art science painting media genetics nyc) sense.PSFK: Self Servers interesting article on identity management and avatars free to roam among worlds in the metaverse. (tags: identity metaverse avatars secondlife multiverse) happy therapy – smiley – le tout premier parfum anti dépresseur antidepressant perfume containing monoaminated alkaloids phenylethylamine and theobromine. sparkling fruity but also delightfully spicy woody-musky, with a top note of creepy and lingering finish of hokey. (tags: senses perfume therapy happiness aromatherapy biochemistry neurochemistry) Announcing the Fall HHS! Winners outstanding photography (tags: exhibitions photo photography nyc gallery) Viva Radio well-edited eclectic streaming music (tags: free mp3 music radio streaming web) That’s how the light gets in, Gary Kamiya | beautiful essay on perspective, gratitude and celebration (tags: thanksgiving poetry gratitude culture celebration) Denim Therapy alluring …

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Chambers Street Wines: what are natural, organic, biodynamic wines Article explaining benefits of and differences between natural, organic and biodynamic wines. They also offer a wide selection of them. (tags: nyc organic wine biodynamic natural) Nirali Magazine | Les Impressions de Mumbai Florine Asch’s luscious watercolor notebook of Mumbai (tags: illustration florineasch india watercolor art) interview with swanee hunt, author of “half life of a zealot” (Salon) In a revealing interview, Harvard’s Swanee Hunt explains why women should be more politically active and what she learned from her infamous oil tycoon father. (tags: inspiringwomen women politics leadership education) Putting On The Dog (Condé Nast Traveler on Alan Richman’s tales of traveling with two Welsh Corgis to NYC (tags: nyc travel dogs welshcorgis) Color Quest: Underwater World » Curbly | DIY Design Community « Keywords: color, aqua, colorquest, green Irresistable pic of kissing sea turtles, used here to develop color palette for bedroom on this new social home decorating site. Post pictures of your pad, share design ideas, and get expert advice. (tags: design color …

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His book, “The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression” is an amazing, unflinching resource on depression for anyone dealing with depression personally or in the people around them.Read/See/Listen: Interviews with favorite authors Alice Walker and Isabel Allende on Democracy Now today. Alice Walker reads from her new book “We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For: Light in a Time of Darkness,” and Isabel Allende reads from her new novel “Ines of My Soul.” Alice Walker segmentIsabel Allende segmentdownload whole show as mp3Read/See/Listen: Dropping KnowledgeAmazing compilation of questions and answers in video and text, all offered with a creative commons license.

links for 2006-11-16 Embrace the chaos – designers and systems with emergent behavior In systems with emergent behavior, I see designers primarily serving the role of facilitator and enabler. Designers can provide immense value by capturing an experience strategy, a statement of the design purpose of the system, for what reason(s) it exist (tags: design complexity emergence research systems tools creativity chaos) Installing Ron Mueck Exhibition – a photoset on Flickr Love the juxtaposition of scale in these photos from installation process of Ron Mueck’s sculpture exhibition on view at the Brooklyn Museum, November 3, 2006–February 4, 2007. (tags: art ronmueck brooklynmuseum nyc sculpture scale)