Month: December 2006

links for 2006-12-27

Drop Dead Gorgeous Fabulous photos of obsession, compulsion, glamour, mortality, nutella and shampoo by Daniela Edburg. (tags: art food photographs photography artist) Devious Butterflies, Full-Throated Frogs and Other Liars – New York Times Birds do it, butterflies do it, even frogs and apes do it. Is there an evolutionary advantage to deception? (tags: animals science ethics honesty evolution)

links for 2006-12-26

Feeling fertile? Lysa Bromaroff ‘s Fertile Images and Design (via Heavy Petal) It seems some celebs can’t go anywhere these days without exposing their no-so private bits. While no one really needs to see that, we admire flowers, while tending to forget that they are essentially a plant’s reproductive organs. Lysa Bromaroff reminds (tags: gardening plants photography flowers design prints canvas) Edge: BEWARE THE ONLINE COLLECTIVE By Jaron Lanier It’s amazing that details in the design of online software can bring out such varied potentials in human behavior. It’s time to think about that power on a moral basis. (tags: critical internet web wisdomofcrowds web2.0) | Sexual Consent (tags: video funny humor sex consent lawyers contracts dating)

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Open Culture: A to Z Complete Podcast Collection great compilation of smart podcasts worth your time. divided into arts & culture, foreign language lessons, news & info, univesity lectures and audiobooks (tags: podcasts educational lectures arts culture science books free) Wired News: You’ve Got Mail, and Your Period sites and gadgets based on Fertility Awareness Method for tracking cycle info (tags: health fertility women menstrual cycle)

The Girl’s Room at Jen Bekman

The Girl’s Room, presented by The Dreier Project at Jen Bekman 6 Spring Street New York NY (map) Opening Wednesday December 20, pm 6pm to 8pm The Girl’s Room features works by an international group of female artists. Each artist submitted several small pieces, each presented in an 8.5×11 frame so we can more clearly and objectively compare the respective works, without the the messages being obscured by irrelevancies such as size and prominence on the wall. The artwork itself will be the message, and perhaps it will answer some questions about the place of women’s artwork in the artworld. Questions such as: What sort of work are women artists creating? How does it differ from men’s art? Are there particular subjects, methods and materials women artists are working with? What role does gender play in artwork? And regardless of any “political” agenda, sometimes its fun to get the girls together and see what’s on our minds. Image by Elizabeth Huey Featuring works by: Aiyana Udesen, Alice Wells, Alika Cooper, Amy Rice, Bianca Buchanan, Candace …

links for 2006-12-19 foundation Zaijian, Baiji. The “goddess of the Yangtze”, a 20 million year old river dolphin, is the first large mammal brought to extinction as a result of human destruction to their natural habitat and ressources. (tags: dolphins china environment yangtze extinction mammal dolphin river water) Threatened prehistoric paradise reveals its secrets | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited 52 new species discovered in Borneo, that “great wild untidy luxuriant hothouse made by Nature for herself.” (Charles Dickens) (tags: animals species environment biodiversity borneo)

Mary Mattingly, Fore Cast (an opera)

White Box 525 West 26th Street New York NY (map) 212-714-2347 Fore Cast will run day and night for six days and one hour, from the morning of December 19, until 1:00 am on Christmas morning. Mary Mattingly first drew us into her strange world at the Ecotopia exhibition at ICP. She’s pulling us further in with Fore Cast, a water opera. From the artist’s digital diary: With tree stumps, sand, salt, steam, sonorous operatics, streaming video, sea-water, and a story about WWIV, Fore Cast is about the future. People wear masks (just like in Victorian England), and really, time is time, time is unexplained, irrelevant, played with and time is completely over explained, in 360 degrees, in the new week, in the fact that I will live at White Box for the entire run of the opera. Fore Cast is a clarion call anticipating the looming environmental catastrophe. Fore Cast is an interactive Opera, opening at White Box on December 19, 2006, at six o’clock pm. Fore Cast will transform White Box’s space into …

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11 Spring Street – Graffiti – New York Times wooster on spring – must visit if in nyc this weekend ( (tags: architecture art community economics graffiti NewYork woostercollective swoon streetart) Design Life Now: National Design Triennial 2006: podcasts Listen to designers featured in Design Life Now: National Design Triennial 2006. Natalie Jeremijenko, Marissa Mayer, Han Feng, Chip Kidd, Jessica Smith, Chuck Hoberman and more… (tags: podcast design audio designers cooperhewitt designlifenow)

links for 2006-12-09 December 2006 Aurora Gallery, page 2 Magnificent aurora photos from Finland and Iceland after a solar wind stream hit Earth on dec 6th sparking a beautiful geomagnetic storm. (tags: photography images aurora space weather nature north) Blurb * Lulu Kevin Kelly’s recommendations for personal book making (tags: books publishing howto photography book print photos) Maria Yee Eco-Friendly Furniture (via Inhabitat) Made from sustainable BambooTimbre and highest-qualiy handcrafted traditional joinery techniques, Maria Yee’s clean-lined case and upholstery is striking, luxurious and affordable. (tags: ecoluxury furniture design bamboo green sustainable style) Simran Sethi Defining GDP – Ethical Markets (via Lime) Before TreehuggerTV, Simran developed Ethical Markets that’s now seeing the light of day on Lime. Wonderful! (tags: SimranSethi EthicalMarkets ethics business environment video tv) Simply Green: Solar Powered Backpack – LIME Shayne McQuade gives Danny Seo a video tour of Voltaic’s solar backpack that allows you to charge cameras, phones and batteries and tips on choosing solar energy devices. (tags: solar voltaic backpack video energy solarpower environment design bag) Art Production Fund’s WOW (Works on Whatever) …