Month: May 2007

links for 2007-05-31

A Tiny ‘Green’ PC That Doesn’t Need the Desktop: the Enano E2 computer The Enano E2 is a tiny, silent PC with a footprint, and a carbon footprint, that makes most standard-size PCs look like S.U.V.’s. (tags: green environment computer pc enano)

links for 2007-05-29: bees, bees, bees

Mighty Foods – Video: The Joy of Bees Taste3 presentation by Dennis vanEngelsdorp, Pennsylvania based apiarist, celebrating enthusiasm about bees and examining the most up-to-date theories on colony collapse disorder. (tags: bees video) Who killed the honeybees? | Salon News A round table of experts answer all our pressing questions about the sudden death of the nation’s bees. What they have to say has a bigger sting than we ever expected. (tags: agriculture bees environment nature science mystery)

On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance

Four Sobering Facts About Women and Money:

  1. 50% of single women ages 21 to 34 report that “at this time in their lives money is for spending not saving”
  2. 55% agreed with the statement that “they were more likely to accumulate 30 pairs of shoes than $30,000 in retirement savings.”
  3. Thirty million of America’s 40 million-plus boomer women will not be able to afford to retire, will fall below the poverty line, and will experience poorer health in their later years with limited aid from traditional safety nets.
  4. The average age of widowhood in America is 55. Four out of five widows
    living below the poverty line had not been poor before their husbands died.

Four Empowering Insights About Money:

  1. Most people don’t have a clue about money.
  2. Things aren’t always what they seem.
  3. Literally millions of people are intimidated by money matters.
  4. After reading this book, you’ll know more than the vast majority of

links for 2007-05-23: places we love

Maira Kalman New Yorkistan T-shirt and early sketches at REMO General Store Remo’s offering a T-shirt and jigsaw puzzle version of Maira Kalman’s delightful “New Yorkistan” New Yorker cover. Check out the funny backstory and images of the map in progress from the original cocktail napkin sketch. Remo’s also doing some interesting social shopping experiments… your first t-shirt’s free through me until 8.16.07; you have to pay shipping. (tags: newyorkistan newyorker remo tshirt shopping mairakalman rickmeyerowitz illustration) Love Travel Guides: Handbooks for the Luxury Vagabond: Love Bangalore India Fiona Caulfield’s scrumptious book is a loving, personal guide to favorite shops and spas, weekend escapes, restaurants and experiences in and around Bangalore, inspired by her own quest for authentic experiences. Crafted of eco-friendly, non-bleached handmade paper with hand-printed Tibetan raw silk cover and presented in a pouch of locally woven silk, the book offers a sublime experience in itself even if you never intend a passage to India. (tags: travel global guide local authentic vagabond luxury bangalore india book) Trendylicious: Your guide to what’s hip and …

Ask Emily: Gifts for New Moms

Hi Ryan,My favorite welcome home gift for new mommies and babies is Manhattan Fruitier’s beautiful organic fresh fruit basket with a teddy bear, rubber ducky and crocheted booties. Feel free to add in flowers and chocolate as you wish.Manhattan Fruitiermanhattanfruitier.com105 E 29th St, New York NY212.686.0404 and 800.841.5718Best flowers for Manhattan delivery: 1.

links for 2007-05-03

Chips with Everything In 2007 the computer gave up taking over the world. Instead the world took over the computer. The Internet became a wholly owned subset of Reality 2.0. When the actual world invades the virtual world, it scatters the computer into tiny physical pieces, so (tags: technology energy sterling green futurism power) EnOcean:radio switches and sensors without batteries Fast, cheap, wireless, inky, self-powered, and out of control: It’s a start-up specializing in wireless doodads that can harvest and store the tiniest traces of environmental energy: a flux in daylight, a change of air pressure. Green-powered ­micronet (tags: energy wireless sensors electronics sustainability sustainable environmental green technology power) Apple – A Greener Apple Letter from Steve Jobs explaining Apple’s current practices and goals. Commitment to shipping PVC and BFR free products by the end of next year and communicate better about their efforts. (tags: Apple environment green recycling mac stevejobs jobs) Please Lord, not the bees Everything you didn’t want to know about Colony Collapse Disorder (tags: bees environment science food nature agriculture health …