Month: July 2007

links for 2007-07-31

Martin Nowak – In Games, an Insight Into the Rules of Evolution – New York Times Dr. Nowak has argued that cooperation is one of the three basic principles of evolution. The other two are mutation and selection. On their own, mutation and selection can transform a species, giving rise to new traits like limbs and eyes. But cooperation (tags: evolution cooperation science religion games society play cancer altruism)

Have You Ever Transcended Space and Time?

It marks the edge of known physics, a region where distances and intervals are so short that the very concepts of time and space start to break down….The problem, in brief, is that time may not exist at the most fundamental level of physical reality.Einstein, for one, found solace in his revolutionary sense of time…. Nanojourneys: Get to the Core of the MatterNanojourneys offers an interactive tour into the nanocosmos, allowing us to shrink down and explore a mosquito biting a human arm, a computer processor and an LED light at the smallest dimensions.

links for 2007-07-29

Helsinki CityWall The CityWall is a large mutli-touch display installed in a central location in Helsinki which acts as a collaborative and playful interface for the everchanging media landscape of the city. The content displayed on the CityWall is periodically organiz (tags: multitouch interface design interaction helsinki touchscreen urban digital display haptic interactive social technology arts) animal superpowers “Experimental series of toys as sensory enhancements for kids to experience animal superpowers. Those 5 devices are special tools allowing kids to feel how like an animal or experience special extra qualities how they perceive the environment.” (tags: toys animals sensitivity superpowers senses sensory environment)

links for 2007-07-28

Digital Water Pavilion, Expo 2008 ZH20, Zaragoza, Spain water as medium of communication: interactive structure made of digitally controlled water curtains, to be built at the entrance of the 2008 expo in zaragoza. (tags: water architecture design animation pixels digital)

links for 2007-07-27

2007 IDEA Winners: Green Air GREEN AIR is a low-cost, space-efficient air purification system that uses plants to reduce toxins in the air. The wall-mounted ceramic planter contains a small 115 VAC fan that slowly pushes air through the soil to the plant’s roots, a process that breaks down toxins equal to that of 15 regular plants. A conical bottom allows users to easily replace plants without interfering with the fan. Because over-watering is the number one reason indoor plants die, an ambient temperature sensor, which looks like a droplet of water, changes from blue to brown to indicate when and how much water the plant needs. (tags: plants air clean purification toxins design sensor)

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Mike Arauz | Thoughts on New Media and Assorted Links “blogs can be like The Simpsons in their evolution: poorly animated and lacking a charismatic lead in the early years, and requiring some time and exploration in order to eventually achieve their full potential. Also, like The Simpsons, the plot-lines may (tags: artist culture design photos photography)

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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire – Errol Morris uncovers hidden truths of photos Pictures are supposed to be worth a thousand words. But a picture unaccompanied by words may not mean anything at all. Do pictures provide evidence? And if so, evidence of what? And, of course, the underlying question: do they tell the truth? (tags: history metadata news philosophy photography storytelling)

links for 2007-07-17

Ponoko — Make It Real Lloyd Dobler watch out: this site lets you make anything, buy anything, sell anything. Ponoko, currently in beta, is like yourpersonal workshop and factory … and online showroom to sell your designs. (tags: fab furniture manufacturing interiors design masscustomizationmadetoordercollaboration) Smooshtacts iPhone Contact Photo Awesomeness (tags: diy humor images inspiration lol mobile photography) Green Apartment Therapy launches (tags: green environment home interiors eco design)