Month: August 2007

links for 2007-08-13

Core77 – Ecodesign, Ecolabels and the Environment: How Europe is redesigning our footprint on earth It is inevitable that the concerns that address the ecological impact of products and services will also shape not only the way in which they are marketed but also the sustainability of the marketing and advertising activities themselves. Design decisions (tags: design ecology sustainability standards packaging label europe)

links for 2007-08-07

Cradle-to-Cradle Design Certification from MBDC Draft of Version 2 Certification Criteria — Now open for public review and comment Public comments on the above v.2 draft Certification Criteria can be submitted via email. Cradle to Cradle Certification provides a company with a means to tangibly, credi (tags: Sustainability Design certification architecture Green C2C materials energy water socialresponsibility environment material waste)

links for 2007-08-05

Similar Diversity – by Andreas Koller and Philipp Steinweber Visualization of text analysis of english translations of leading holy texts of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. (tags: visualization religion information data design culture)

links for 2007-08-02

Bug Labs (initial review) (Scripting News) hmmm…. the clues: sexy social hardware tool that interfaces with xml over http that we can use to make things featuring an open source architecture for social pluggable gadget components with a screen, a gps, a cpu, wifi, and usb. can i order now? i lov (tags: hardware buglabs community technology gadget xml http opensource gps wifi) Bug Blogger: Greetings from Bug Labs Imagine being able to build any gadget you wanted by simply connecting simple, functional components together. Now imagine being able to easily program, share and connect these gadgets in interesting ways. In essence, we’re building an open source-based p (tags: bug buglabs design diy hardware toys sustainability gadget opensource omgtheultimategadget ithinkiminlove)