Month: December 2007

links for 2007-12-25 A Bach (pronounced batch) is a holiday home in NZ, where people are now flocking to them for the summer holidays. This beautiful, portable and environmentally friendly iteration is made from a shipping container. (tags: architecture house green shipping container bach envrionmental)

links for 2007-12-19

Beyond the point of no return | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist The key to our survival as a civil species during an era of profound natural upheaval lies in an enhanced sense of community. If we maintain the fiction that we can thrive as isolated individuals, we will find ourselves at the same emotional dead end as t (tags: environment politics interconnectedness globalwarming) hyperpeople » Mark Pesce » Mob Rules (The Law of Fives) There are very few places left on Earth where you can’t receive a text. Ulaanbataar to Timbuktu, Tierra del Fuego to Vladivostok, the network is truly global, and now encompasses the majority of humanity. It’s interesting to note that within the same (tags: future networks technology mobile networking interconnectedness mobrules social media culture)

NZ Notes: Sorry S.P…. I’m leaving you for Antipodes

I love bubbly beverages: Champagne and sparkling water are always my drinks of choice. Among the sparklers, Antipodes stands out. Coming from a deep natural aquifer to the surface in Whakatane, New Zealand, Antipodes has real mouth appeal. It’s less aggressively carbonated than my usual brew, San Pellegrino, and it’s easy on the eyes too. Dressed in classic Mrs. Eaves, Antipodes complements any table without overpowering it. The oviform bottle echoes the round beads streaming up when opened. It’s a happy thing to hold. I know, I know… you have issues with bottled water. I do too. But a girl’s gotta have a vice, and until I can pour sparkling from the tap, I’ll order the bottle. (When out… technically I could make my own at home.) If it makes you feel any better, Antipodes is the first premium water to be certified carbon neutral in production and export, and they plan to be carbon neutral to any table, hotel room or home anywhere in the world by 2008. Antipodes is currently served only in …

NZ Notes: Auckland Hilton: White & Bellini

Overlooking Waitemata harbor’s expansive blue vista, the White Restaurant at the Hilton Auckland features a cool palette, warm service and delightful meals. Starting with our first favorite meal of the day, highlights of the breakfast buffet include poached pears with vanilla beans, blueberries with cinnamon sticks and apricots with cardamom pods. These are delicious over the bircher muesli, as are the fresh melon selections. The coffee is also excellent, but there are a couple of terms you need to know if you’re not from down under: Flat white is the local favorite, which has less milk than a latte, less foam than a cappuccino. Long black is a double shot of espresso with a little hot water, basically a stronger americano. Lunch favorites (click to see): carrot and orange soup with ginger and lime-cured salmon seafood on braised fennel with bouillabaisse sauce harissa lamb cutlets with sautéed artichokes lychee and rosewater brulée with brandy snap wafer (pictured above) warm mixed nut pie with lemon myrtle custard and vanilla ice cream poached apple trifle with granny …

links for 2007-12-04

Agata Jaworska’s Made in Transit: a supply chain concept for on the way growth Made in Transit is a supply chain concept working towards the development of packaging that operates on the paradigm of enabling growth rather than preserving freshness, a shift from ‘best before’ to ‘ready by’ for fresh perishable goods. (tags: packaging design supplychain health mushrooms perishable transport distribution concept cultivation fresh)

links for 2007-12-03

WWF Deeper Luxury A compelling business case is presented for a new type of luxury whose deeper values are fully embodied in the sourcing, manufacture, marketing and distribution of products and services. Authentic luxury brands are those that provide the greatest positive (tags: shopping environment culture design luxury conscious sustainability ethics business branding) Doors of Perception weblog: High entropy notions of quality There is a crucial aesthetic-cultural dimension to the transition to sustainability. The ways we respond aesthetically to our environment now are horribly constrained. Urban man, industrial man (and woman) lack the visceral connectons to the biosphere tha (tags: aesthetics sustainability design business culture environment) The Japanese Food Report Yum! I’ll be joining Harris Salat (via RSS) as he tastes, discovers and studies everything he can about Japanese food. (tags: restaurants food japanese rice blog cooking recipes newyork sake tokyo)

links for 2007-12-01

Facebook is no longer a fun date, now a creepy stalker 3rd party sites transmit info about your activities back to facebook even if you are logged out and have selected opt-out options. (tags: privacy socialnetworking) Facebook’s Misrepresentation of Beacon’s Threat to Privacy: Tracking users who opt out or are not logged in. — Instant Web Meetings.COM – Video Conference, Collaboration, E Learning, Unified Communications Facebook is materially misrepresenting the privacy impact of their Beacon program, and presenting users with the appearance of control over their information when in fact they have almost none. (tags: facebook beacon privacy) Radiant Core: Blog: Deconstructing Facebook Beacon JavaScript Technical look at how Beacon transmits info to Facebook from 3rd party sites. (tags: facebook javascript beacon privacy advertising security code) The art of modeling and mapping the cosmos: “The purpose of The Cosmometry Project is to bring coherence to and widespread understanding about the field of research that seeks to identify the unified wholeness inherent in all aspects of reality, to define (tags: cosmometry maps geometry” mandalas