@Everyone – Open Social on Earth… Come Play

sardiniawjohnborthwick.pngOne minute I’m checking messages in Facebook, the next I’m frolicking through olive orchards in Sardinia with John Borthwick wearing an astronaut suit. Oh what a world we live in…

More compelling than Scrabulous, Unype is a Facebook social network application that lets people see, chat and Skype with each other in Google Earth. Unype works with the Open Social API, so you can interact with people from Facebook, Ning, Orkut, hi5 and more to come. See Twitter messages and Upcoming event overlays too. You can mark up your favorite places and share recommendations, videos and 3d models.

There’s also a fun geography quiz game where you answer by flying to the correct place. Highly recommended for Miss Teen USA contestants, and such. eiffeltower480.png.

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