Month: March 2008

Salad Mix with Edible Flowers

Salad Days in New York

My photo of Yuno’s Farm’s salad mix with broccoli raab flowers above is featured in this week’s New York Magazine in an article called “Salad Days” on page 104. The article reveals that Nevia No, “co-owner of South Jersey’s Yuno’s Farm, exotic seed seeker andartful arranger of what might be the most beautiful produce stand in town,” returns to Union Square with “a bevy of tender greenhouse greens, plus overwintered broccoli rabe and spinach.”

links for 2008-03-29

The Dalai Lama: An Appeal to Chinese brothers and sisters — wherever you may be to help dispel the misunderstandings between our two communities. Moreover, I appeal to you to help us find a peaceful, lasting solution to the problem of Tibet through dialogue in the spirit of understanding and accommodation. (tags: china tibet dialogue) Adobe Photoshop Express Free online version of photoshop with 2gb free storage and sharing (tags: images editing photography photos sharing)

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Wait – Is Sunbathing Good for You? Or does it cause skin cancer? On Wednesday, the indoor tanning association sponsored a full page NYT ad promoting “health benefits of tanning outweigh the hypothetical risks”. Nina Shen Rastongi fact checks their claims. (tags: tanning,sunlight,cancer,vitamind,indoortanning,melanoma,skincancer)

links for 2008-03-24

Tibet: Her Pain, My Shame by Tang Danhong Powerful essay by Tang Danhong 唐丹鸿, a Han Chinese poet and filmmaker living in Chengdu who has made documentaries in Tibet since the 1990s. She wrote the following and published it in several Chinese online forums, partially translated by CDT (China Digital Times). (tags: tibet china karma)

links for 2008-03-22

Engaging Chinese Netizens Mutant Palm has been translating Chinese tweets on Tibet and offers English instructions for signing up on Fanfou (the Chinese Twitter) to stimulate open dialogue and communciation. (tags: china tibet communication dialogue twitter fanfou tweets) Smile: Census: Bhutan Counts its Blessings Bhutan, about to hold first democratic election is now creating actual happiness index that can be tracked over time. The GNH commission has just released a blueprint for the future: Bhutan 2020: A Vision for Prosperity and Happiness.” (tags: bhutan gnh happiness mood economics development)

Twelve Suggestions for Dealing with the Tibetan Situation by Some Chinese Intellectuals

If in the end it cannot be proved that this was an organized, premeditated, and meticulously orchestrated event but was instead a “popular revolt” triggered by events, then the authorities should pursue those responsible for inciting the popular revolt and concocting false information to deceive the Central Government and the people; they should also seriously reflect on what can be learned from this event so as to avoid taking the same course in the future. … Signatures: Wang Lixiong (Beijing, Writer) Liu Xiaobo (Beijing, Freelance Writer) Zhang Zuhua (Beijing, scholar of constitutionalism) Sha Yexin (Shanghai, writer, Chinese Muslim) Yu Haocheng (Beijing, jurist) Ding Zilin (Beijing, professor) Jiang peikun (Beijing, professor) Yu Jie (Beijing, writer) Sun Wenguang (Shangdong, professor) Ran Yunfei (Sichuan, editor, Tujia nationality) Pu Zhiqiang (Beijing, lawyer) Teng Biao (Beijing, Layer and scholar) Liao Yiwu ()Sichuan, writer) Wang Qisheng (Beijing, scholar) Zhang Xianling (Beijing, engineer) Xu Jue (Beijing, research fellow) Li Jun (Gansu, photographer) Gao Yu (Beijing, journalist) Wang Debang (Beijing, freelance writer) Zhao Dagong (Shenzhen, freelance writer) Jiang Danwen (Shanghai, writer) Liu Yi (Gansu, painter) Xu Hui (Beijing, writer) Wang Tiancheng (Beijing, scholar) Wen kejian (Hangzhou, freelance) Li Hai (Beijing, freelance writer) Tian Yongde (Inner Mongolia, folk human rights activists) Zan Aizong (Hangzhou, journalist) Liu Yiming (Hubei, freelance writer) The rules of signing one’s name are as follows: 1.

links for 2008-03-21

Olivia Judson: Pineapple Dreams Microtraveling in bromeliad pools with supertongued salamanders and nurturing crabs. Oh, I could happily read Olivia Judson’s Wild Side column all day long. (If you like too, don’t miss her book, Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation… continuing with that theme, you might also enjoy Natalie Angier’s recent column on Spitzers of other speciess and Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno, in which she plays a lusty spider, fly and more.) (tags: science bromeliads, pineapple food fruit nature plants travel ecosystems evolution) BBC NEWS | Health | Massage illusion helps amputees Amputees can feel relief from phantom limb pain just by watching someone else rub their hands together. Mirror neurons in the brain fire up when a person performs an intentional action, and also when they observe someone else performing the same action. (tags: amputation,consciousness,mindbody,massage,pain,mirrorneurons,feedback,reality,illusion)

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Grown Up Permaculture Grown Up Permaculture offers classes, products and services for the establishment of affordable, urban, and sustainable organic gardening systems for the people of New York City. (tags: permaculture urban gardening containergardening organic garden sustainable nyc newyork)

links for 2008-03-17

La Tartine Gourmande Béa’s a French food stylist in Boston whose gorgeous photos and intriguing flavor combinations are compelling me into the kitchen. Lots of good looking vegetarian and grain recipes. Rutabaga and avocado soup’s up next! Found through Flickr serendipity… (tags: cooking food recipes travel lifestyle photography foodstyling) Amazing Black Bean Brownies Wow this looks like an amazing recipe! Thanks Heidi. I guess we’re baking brownies this week. I love beans in sweets like wagashi and mochi… curious to see how this turns out. I love agave nectar as sweetener too. (tags: dessert brownies recipes chocolate food walnuts agavenectar beans cooking) Food Map Container I’m ready to switch out the grocery cart for a Food Map Container. This growing space for edible plants lets water drain evenly and can be moved around for optimal sun. Made in LA from durable, recylclable, nontoxic materials. 2 sizes, approx $250. Thanks, Mighty Foods. (tags: food container gardening edible gardens foodmapcontainer)

G1G2 Pt. 2: Postcard from Haiti

What a delight to receive this picture from Waveplace showing the new owner of the OLPC laptop I donated last month. Here’s a movie of the kids’ first experiences with laptops. Looks like a beautiful group of students and teachers (and fresh green classrooms). Hope you have fun and enjoy learning with your new computers! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program.