Month: April 2008

links for 2008-04-29

Clay Shirky: Gin, Television, and Social Surplus — Here Comes Everybody “Where do people find the time?” That was her question. And I just kind of snapped. And I said, “No one who works in TV gets to ask that question. You know where the time comes from. It comes from the cognitive surplus you’ve been masking for 50 years.” Patagonia — the Footprint Chronicles: Tracking the Environmental and Social Impact of Patagonia Clothing and Apparel Footprint Chronicles lets you track the impact of specific Patagonia products from design through delivery. (Thanks Tom Igoe) (tags: sustainability productlifecycle lifecycle manufacturing footprint transparency)

links for 2008-04-23

MoMAudio on MoMAWiFi at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC Access MoMA Audio (providing hundreds of commentaries devoted to the museum’s collection and special exhibitions) on free MoMA Wifi through your mobile device. (tags: museum moma wifi podcast art education mobile) Edge 243: BREAKING THE GALILEAN SPELL Stuart A. Kauffman breaks the Galilean spell of reductionism, and points to the reintegration of science with the ancient Greek ideal of the good life, well lived. (tags: spirituality science creativity consciousness)

links for 2008-04-20

The Serious Play in Saving the World: Gaming gets on the sustainability bandwagon Shall we play an infinite game? Games based on collaborative design with social networks and group-forming activity could result in powerful community development, online and off-line. As new sustainability-focused, technology-mediated communities evolve (tags: play games simulation environment sustainability ecosystem)

links for 2008-04-18

An Unlit Candle: Solidarity with Tibet at Passover Beautiful proposal for Jews to include an unlit candle on their Seder tables this year. The candle symbolizes the Olympic torch, whose light has been dimmed, and the unmet hopes of a people still living without freedom. (tags: tibet passover judaism freedom) Dalai Lama: Lessons of Buddhism as applied to medicine Power of the mind in relation to illness and healing is “part of the future of medicine,” said Dr. Doris Taylor, stem cell researcher specializing in cardiac medicine at the U. of MN. “We are beginning to have a scientific understanding of this.” (tags: medicine compassion mind consciousness mayoclinic health healing wellness)

links for 2008-04-17

Thomas Laird: On the Use of Propaganda by the Chinese Communist Party Great article on how perspectives of people in the PRC are shaped by propaganda orchestrated by President Hu Jintao and the central committee of the Chinese Communist Party. Since Tibet crisis is about the Party, how can we stop enabling them? Speak up. (tags: china tibet propaganda truth perspectives) Complete Work of Charles Darwin online Darwin Online provides free access to Charles Darwin’s handwritten papers and manuscripts from public institutions and private collections. Almost all transcriptions are reproduced including his Beagle Diary, field notebooks, journal and correspondence. (tags: evolution charlesdarwin darwin papers manuscripts)

links for 2008-04-16: Tastes of Freedom

Take a Bite out of Climate Change Anna Lappe’s new Bite Blog explores climate change through the lens of food with up-to-date info, analysis, interviews with experts in the field, tips on diet choices and actions you can take. (tags: climatechange food farming agriculture biotech biofuels hunger meat organic foodindustry ) Detailed Nomadic Taxonomy Paul Saffo’s post on Cyber-Nomads, a functional taxonomy of mobile users , dives more deeply into the metaphors quoted in my New Nomads post (Thanks, Paul!). (tags: nomads digitalnomads globalnomads urbannomads taxonomy metaphor astronauts hermitcrabs cybertrekkers ) Ask Umbra: On Rooftop Gardening Are plants grown on NYC rooftop gardens safe to eat? … (tags: gardening urban containergardening ediblegardens gardens pollution food ) Fring brings VOIP to the iPhone I just received my first VOIP call from an iPhone using Fring ( Hi Dad !).

links for 2008-04-14

John A. Wheeler, physicist who named black holes and optimist about nature of reality The black hole “teaches us that space can be crumpled like a piece of paper into an infinitesimal dot, that time can be extinguished like a blown-out flame, and that the laws of physics that we regard as sacred,’ as immutable, are anything but.” (tags: existence reality physics quantumphysics universe blackhole bigquestions optimist)

The New Nomads

My uncle confused me last weekend at a family gathering with the following question: “How many hours a day are you online?” … I looked up from the stream of my friends’ latest photos on my iphone and repeated the question out loud several times, stressing the different words to try to understand what he meant. 10 or 12?