Links du Jour: Being Here in the Long Now White Cloud

  • New ZeaLAND Day
    Today, June 1, 2009, is my first Queen’s Official Birthday in a Commonwealth realm. Apparently it’s mostly celebrated as the opening of New Zealand’s ski season, and there’s a proposal to make it “Hillary Weekend” after Sir Ed, commemorating his ascent of Mt Everest on 29 May 1953.
    New ZeaLAND Day
    I’m attracted to the idea of New ZeaLAND Day, “a hands-on re-appropriation of the meaning of the Queen’s Birthday Weekend Holiday to a day that celebrates our treasured land — in its true form — as a gift.”

    By celebrating our land on a national holiday, we declare its significant and sacred importance in culture. We propose that this day—‘New ZeaLAND Day’—can help build on the sense of connection and belonging for us as a nation with this place we have in common.

  • Robert Thurman and Danny Hillis on science, ethics and religion
    You might be surprised to find out how much science and Buddhism have in common. I am delighted to discover this recent conversation between Danny Hillis and Robert Thurman exploring science and Buddhism, ethics, the nature of time, shunyata (emptiness) and nothingness, evolution and reincarnation, mind, soul and artificial intelligence at the Skirball Center in honor of Darwin’s bicentennial anniversary.

    Ali Binazir wrote a great summary of the discussion, revealing Thurman’s consolation prize:

    He admitted that after 45 years of studying all this stuff, this night, as he was talking to us, he was still far from enlightened (and his wife and kids can attest to that). However, Buddhism says that someday, we will all achieve buddhahood. It may take longer for some, less for others. But once you’ve achieved buddhahood and ultimate enlightenment, that insight penetrates all of time, all the way to the past, to the present day. So “we will all enjoy this evening together as nirvana retroactively.”

  • A short history of the Internet by Robin Chase
    Every once in a while I catch a glimmer of our miraculous reality where all time and space coexists and we’re all interconnected, cocreating our dreams and I realize I’m in nirvana… the Internet. Robin Chase highlights what she loves about the Internet in a brief tour that will give you a flavor of the past and a taste of the future some of us want to create.

    • The Internet was designed to be open, evolving and participatory according to Steve Crocker.
    • From David Isenberg: it’s a miracle that’s public, with no master plan, allows us to innovate without asking permission, an acts as a market-discovery machine.
    • David Weinberger writes about Robin Chase’s vision of extending the internet’s promise and path.
    • Van Jacobson talks at Google in August, 2006 about the structure of networks since the telephone and a vision of content-centric networking. Which is a great background and introduction for the awesomeness of…
  • Google Wave
    What if we organized communication by objects of conversation rather than individual messages or threads? Here’s a glimpse of the near future of the Internet. Looking forward to working with the communication and collaboration tools unveiled at Google Wave’s Developer Preview.
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