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Pink Oyster Mushrooms

Beautiful Pink Oyster Mushroom
pink oyster mushrooms growing

What a thrill — our first harvest of gorgeous pink oyster mushrooms! Grown on organic pine sawdust from a kit through Ohau Gourmet Mushrooms. They’ve been easy and fun to grow indoors, requiring only misting with water.

They’ve also been a fun way to learn about exponential growth, as they double in size every day until you harvest them or they spore.

Beautiful Pink Oyster Mushroom
The glorious Pink Oyster Mushroom, aka Flamingo Oyster Mushroom, aka Pleurotus djamor.
Pink Oyster Mushrooms in a bowl
sauteed pink oyster mushrooms with garlic, olive oil and butter
Even better: sautéed with garlic, butter and olive oil (for twenty minutes). So delicious!
Pink Oyster Mushrooms with herbs on toast
Another option I will definitely make again: pink oyster mushrooms sautéed with ghee, garlic, thyme, spring onions, parsley, salt and pepper on Thoroughbread paleo almond toast.
Bonus sunrise
Bonus flamingo pink sunrise this morning foreshadowing the day’s delights.

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