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image of Kushana Bush artwork Hungry Ghost

Tender is the Night & Love First Light

Five things: Tender is the Night at City Gallery Wellington, First Light House NZ’s entry in US Solar Decathlon, Our Choice by Al Gore & Push Pop Press, Pollinators by Louie Schwartzberg and Long Now seminar with Tim Flannery on evolution.

selection of NZ Artisan honeys

Wild Thymes, Honey

I’ve been seduced by a terroirist network known as New Zealand Artisan Honey, made up of passionate beekeepers producing honeys in small, quality batches from specific varietal sources among some of New Zealand’s most spectactular locations.

Fiona Hall: Force Field – Currency, Formerly

Part three of a four part video looking at the work of artist Fiona Hall in the exhibition FORCE FIELD at the City Gallery Wellington. Fiona Hall City Gallery Wellington Art Artis When My Boat Comes In – detail, photo by cicadas , image by Fiona Hall.

The New Nomads

My uncle confused me last weekend at a family gathering with the following question: “How many hours a day are you online?” … I looked up from the stream of my friends’ latest photos on my iphone and repeated the question out loud several times, stressing the different words to try to understand what he meant. 10 or 12?

links for 2008-03-12: Moko Saves the Whales

NZ dolphin rescues beached whales When a group of pygmy sperm whales repeatedly beached themselves off Mahia beach, people tried over an hour and a half to get them to sea. Just when humans were about to give up, a dolphin appeared, communicated with the whales and led them to safety. (tags: interspecies altruism animals newzealand whales dolphins)

links for 2008-03-04: Secrets of Happiness and Hyperbolic Geometry

Want to Save a Coral Reef? Bring Along Your Crochet Hook The Institute For Figuring‘s Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef project embodies “conecptual enchantment,” the “beauty and creativity that comes out of scientific thinking.” As it turns out, the gorgeously crenellated and undulating corals, anemones, kelps, sponges, and slugs that live in the reef have what are known as hyperbolic geometric structures: shapes that mathematicians, until recently, thought did not exist outside of the human imagination. They’ve got a hyperbolic crochet cactus garden touring too. Ahh…. we thought these hyperbolic crochet shapes looked familiar. It’s what Bjork’s been sporting lately with the release of Volta. Go Bjork! (tags: enchantment”) Emory Magazine: Winter 2008: Why is This Man [the Dalai Lama] Smiling? Good summary of study of happiness findings following Dalai Lama visit to Emory. (tags: happiness eudaemonia dalailama flourishing depression)

links for 2008-02-22: Design to Inspire

More images of the show . (tags: moma art patterns scale nano informationvisualization technology ) Gotham » A Font We Can Believe In Obama’s main “change” banner font is Gotham, designed by Hoefler & Frere-Jones for GQ to be something that would look fresh, yet established, to have a credible voice to it. … Mission accomplish (tags: typography politics obama gotham fonts typeface ) Endemic – New Zealand Design Store online outpost of devonport, auckland, nz based Endemic, devoted to artist and designer made fashion, publications, art toys and a wide range of playful imaginings. (tags: playful design creative shopping newzealand endemic artbooks )

links for 2008-02-20

Welcome to the National Bitter Melon Council! Love eating bitter gourd/ bitter melon in Bhutan and China… Looking forward to studying this beautiful reference to all things bitter melon and figuring out what to do with it at home. (tags: bittermelon food cooking) The Wild Side: When Life Goes Cloudy Olivia Judson asks what’s it like living on a cloud? There’s some wild microbial life going on there. Living conditions, nutritional information and lots of good questions. (tags: microbes life cloud atmosphere sky) MIT Media Lab + Sustainable South Bronx = SSBx FabLabâ„¢ SSBX is partnering with MIT to bring a FabLAB (Fabrication Laboratory) to the South Bronx. FabLAB is an international project started at MIT Center for Bits and Atoms , aiming to bring digital fabrication, to ordinary folks for solving community problems. (Thanks and congratulations, Paris!) (tags: sustainablesouthbronx mit medialab fabjects fablab digitalfabrication community) Ecolect – A Sustainable Materials Community (tags: community sustainable design materials)

links for 2008-02-19: Your Inner Fish

So looking forward to reading Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5 Billion Year History of the Human Body by Neil Shubin, after these two fascinating articles on it today: Hiccups are Your Inner Fish Breathing Consider hiccups. These spasms in our diaphragms are triggered by electric signals generated in the brain stem, which we inherited from amphibian ancestors who emit similar signals to control their gills. Hiccups are the same phenomenon as gill breathing. What People Owe Fish: A Lot Our inner fish extends beyond physicality. New research reveals that many fish display a wide range of surprisingly sophisticated social behaviors, pursuing interpersonal, interfishal relationships that seem almost embarrassingly familiar. “Fish have some of the most complex social systems known,” Michael Taborsky, a behavioral ecologist at the University of Bern in Switzerland, said. “You see fish helping each other. You see cooperation and forms of reciprocity.” (tags: NeilShubin YourInnerFish Hiccups Breathing Gills fish BrainStem amphibians evolution)

links for 2008-02-12: connect the dots la la la la

Todays links are about freedom of communication across the globe — from kids posting video in Uruguay to people coming together to create free wifi networks in sydney, australia and wellington, new zealand. Valentines greetings from scientists. Robotic insects. Social networking’s ad revolution. Pixish, a new kind of marketplace for photography.

links for 2008-02-10

Betting a Farm Would Work in Queens – New York Times Sur les paves la ferme (Over the pavement, the farm), is the theme of Work Architecture‘s winning proposal for P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center‘s 2008 summer courtyard. Reflects the movement from industrialization to postindustrialization, from global to local, from free market to farmer’s market, and from sand to hay. (tags: p.s.1 nyc art architecture urban food garden farming agriculture) WorldChanging: Jim Hansen, Climate Code Red and the Atmospheric Singularity Alex Steffen eloquently outlines two singularity scenarios and suspects we are at the shearing point on either side of which one looms: the Atmospheric Singulariy (if we fail to tackle our climate crisis) and the Sustainability Singularity (if we do come to grips with our challenges and realize that “small steps” are not even vaguely sufficient.) (tags: singularity climatechange sustainability scenarioplanning) Indranet » The Tao of Google ranking If we look for practical information through Google then we don’t need to involve much of our inner world. However, as it often happens, search engines are being …