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Tender is the Night & Love First Light

Five things: Tender is the Night at City Gallery Wellington, First Light House NZ’s entry in US Solar Decathlon, Our Choice by Al Gore & Push Pop Press, Pollinators by Louie Schwartzberg and Long Now seminar with Tim Flannery on evolution.

What does the Global Climate Crisis have in common with the Loch Ness Monster ?

A. Both are fictional. Or at least highly speculative. No. We’ve already established that. B. Both indicate danger, especially around bodies of water. Sure, but we’re looking for a more specific answer. C. How about tree-fitty. Exactly! Tree-fitty. What’s tree-fitty? Loch Ness Monster: $3.50 Global Climate Crisis: 350 is the red line for human beings, the most important number on the planet. The most recent science tells us that unless we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million, we will cause huge and irreversible damage to the earth. Where are we now? About 385. Learn more, connect with others and take action at the newly relaunched founded by Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy (one of the most compelling and inspiring books I am reading right now.)

What to Wear in NextCity

Tinfoil hats are so passé. So what should you wear to Faraday’s Cafe? Check out the latest collection of electromagnetic field blocking and “anti-identity theft” clothing at DDCLAB (427 W 14th St, New York NY 10014 map). Here’s the text from the windows: EMF: Electro Magnetic Field Block Anti•Identity•Theft•Fabric Electric Resistivity measure of how strongly a material opposes the flow of electric current and allows the movement of electrical charge. DDCLAB Woven of super sheer mesh polyester fibers coated with blackened copper, this high performance ultra thin, light weight and flexible mesh shield has a high ohm/sq resistivity that protects against identity theft by blocking high tech scanners from lifting valuable passport and ID information.

links for 2008-01-16

Woman aircraft worker, Vega Aircraft Corporation, Burbank, Calif. Shown checking electrical assemblies (LOC) from the Library of Congress Flickr Commons Big Brain Theory: Have Cosmologists Lost Theirs? Are we not both “a momentary fluctuation in a field of matter and energy out in space and a person with a real past born through billions of years of evolution in an orderly star-spangled cosmos?” (tags: consciousness science cosmology physics theory Brain universe reincarnation multiverse space) Blue Ocean Fishphone To find out about your seafood choice, text 30644 with the message FISH and the name of the fish in question. They’ll text you back with our assessment and better alternatives to fish with significant environmental concerns. (tags: fish environment food mobile sustainability consumption ecology oceans health) Celsias Celsias helps people discuss Climate change, then create and manage projects to reduce global warming. Help cool the planet today by reading our blog, registering as a Celsias member, finding a project to join or creating one yourself! (tags: environment blog green sustainability energy climate activism technology socialmedia) Flickr: The …

Sweet Pre-Trial Discovery: Papabubble

Photo by Robyn Lee, ‘the girl who ate everything,’ some rights reserved. Reporting from New York Criminal Court, 100 Centre St, Jury Duty, Day 2. Wow, the wheels of justice move slowly. At least you can now enjoy wifi while you’re waiting to be called, so bring your laptop (Twitter, Facebook and Meebo blocked). But during voir dire, you are expected to pay attention even while you’re not being interviewed. Not continuous partial attention but laptops, iphones and sketchbooks away total attention. You may observe, meditate, be present, and check in with yourself. You can also suck on hard candies*. Lucky for you, Papabubble just opened a few blocks away [380 Broome St at Mulberry St, 212.966.2599]. This wondrous candy laboratory with outposts in Barcelona and Tokyo provides the ultimate in jury duty lozenges: fruit candies that look like Venetian millefiore glass, peppermint pebbles and addictive chocolate-filled coffee bites. They also handcraft giant lollies, gold-tipped finger rings and even anatomically correct hearts (which I would definitely not advise sucking on in the courtroom). If you’re …

Current Conference and Foliage Report

This week, I’m excited to participate in Pop!Tech (October 17-20 in Camden, Maine), exploring some of the many ways human beings impact — and are impacted by — the world and each other. The lineup looks phenomenal. The other exciting news is that you can participate wherever you are, as it’s being webcast live. If I wasn’t headed to Maine just as the fall foliage nears the peak and/or was able to clone myself, I would be at: Bioneers (October 19-21) brings together visionary thinkers and doers exploring forefront of human creativity in scientific and social innovation. The conference takes place in San Rafael, CA, but they’re beaming simultaneous broadcasts in many locations this year. She’s Geeky (October 22-23), an (un)conference for women who self identify as geeky and engage in tech-focused disciplines to connect, exchange learning and discuss topics about women and technology. Om Malik points out some other events this week I look forward to following online: Web 2.0 Summit (October 17-19, San Francisco) Mobile 2.0 (October 15, San Francisco): a day exploring …

Sweet Potato Lentil Kale Soup Recipe

I love everything about this soup — the way it looks, the way it tastes, the different textures and how easy it is to make. It makes a fine meal all by itself. If you try it, I’d love to hear your experience. 1 c. dried lentils (your choice… this time I used French green, but have had lovely results with red and the black beluga ones too.) 6 c. low-sodium organic vegetable broth (or cooking liquid of your choice) 1 onion, chopped up a few cloves of garlic, smashed or sliced 3 sweet potatoes or yams, all chopped up 1 or 2 bunches of lacinato kale (or greens of your choice) 1 splash of olive oil 1 tbsp curry powder (or to taste) Splash a little olive oil in the bottom of a big pot and sauté garlic and onion for a few minutes until fragrant and translucent. Then toss in everything but the kale and bring it to a boil. Simmer for about 15 minutes, then toss in the kale. Simmer for 15 …