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What to Wear in NextCity

Tinfoil hats are so passé. So what should you wear to Faraday’s Cafe? Check out the latest collection of electromagnetic field blocking and “anti-identity theft” clothing at DDCLAB (427 W 14th St, New York NY 10014 map). Here’s the text from the windows: EMF: Electro Magnetic Field Block Anti•Identity•Theft•Fabric Electric Resistivity measure of how strongly a material opposes the flow of electric current and allows the movement of electrical charge. DDCLAB Woven of super sheer mesh polyester fibers coated with blackened copper, this high performance ultra thin, light weight and flexible mesh shield has a high ohm/sq resistivity that protects against identity theft by blocking high tech scanners from lifting valuable passport and ID information.

NextCity: The Art of the Possible

Adam Greenfield, author of Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing, Speedbird, Urban Computing and its Discontents, and the upcoming The City is Here for You to Use, moderated an excellent panel discussion that included Christian Nold (who we loved at Pop!Tech), Eric Rodenbeck of Stamen Design, and J. Meejin Yoon of MY Studio and Howeler + Yoon Architecture. Here are the notes I took during the talk.

links for 2007-11-01: Looking at Things Differently

Eye-Fi Wireless Camera 2GB SD Memory Card This is brilliant – a 2GB SD card for your camera that automagically uploads images to flickr (and many more services) when on a wifi network. (Thanks Photojojo!) (tags: photography wifi wireless camera cool gadgets flickr mobile photo technology) Undercover Jun Takashi’s Brain Bag Definitely my it-bag for fall. (Thanks, Coolhunting!) (tags: brain handbag tactile squishy purse bag wool fashion) Video: Steven Heller on “Potus Typographicus” You can tell a lot about a government by its typography and graphic design… This wonderful video features Steven Heller analyzing George W’s typographic legacy. (tags: government georgew potus typographicus typography graphicdesign design communications)

Lamas and Cameras in Bhutan

According to “Is That a Lama Behind the Camera,” Anupama Chopra’s great article in the New York Times on Bhutan’s budding film industry, last year a record 24 films were produced in the tiny Himalayan kingdom, population 700,000; in 2003 the total was only six. Even though there were only ten films produced in the country in 2005, delightful movie posters announced screenings in the theaters or public halls of every town I traveled through. The article describes a trend towards song-and-dance fantasy, but the movies that caught my eye had taglines that sounded far more realistic: “Muensel — True love comes… and goes,” “Ratho Namgay — bungling along a lifetime achievement of failure,” and “Kikhor — the drama of life begins at home, within the family.” It’s clear that while the dialogue is in Dzongkha and the costumes are traditionally Bhutanese, the themes are universal.

links for 2007-03-13

To think that we can “solve” climate change without addressing poverty, human rights, democratization, conflict, epidemic disease, biodiversity loss, water scarcity, food issues and the like is to suffer from carbon blindness.

…cool tool allows you to create free live talk shows via phone/web with simultaneous text chat that then become podcasts.

protect your largest organ: the skin you’re in

brilliant melanoma awareness campaign in marc jacobs windows. naked celebrity photograph t-shirts with “protect the skin you’re in,” “protect your largest organ,” and “save your ass,” with proceeds going from the sale of t-shirts (and the photographs by bill ) to NYU interdisciplinary school of medicine melanoma cooperative group.

links for 2006-08-05

Love Made Visible blog highlighting beautfiul things and priya’s exquisite taste in design (tags: design blog fashion art shopping style trends) OrangeBeautiful lovely letterpress and bookbinding (tags: stationery letterpress paper invitations design print) SCENT of Colors japanese photo blog organized by colors, mostly floral and botanical (tags: pictures flowers colors photoblog blog plants images photography)

the ultimate backpack: art + solar + helping others

New backpack coming out this fall from Tumi co-designed by Anish Kapoor to benefit Doctors without Borders, coinciding with the launch of Kapoor’s Sky Mirror installation at Rockefeller Center from September 19 through October 27th (also sponsored by Tumi and organized by Public Art Fund).The backpack features a solar panel on top for charging a phone or PDA. Constructed from red-on-gray FXT ballistic nylon with silver metallic lining, a removable padded laptop sleve and temperature controlled neoprene compartments.

malia mills: bikinis, body love and best customer service ever

If you’re an athletic woman on the curvier end of the spectrum, finding a bikini top that’s not a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen is a challenge. Believe me, I tried on everything at Saks and Bloomingdales for us — nada. Athleta made a big deal in their latest catalog about one top for DDs, but it’s a halter, and it looks like a literal pain in the neck. Lands’ End (getting love from NYT) has tankinis with coverage that go up to D cup. And then there’s Malia Mills. I have cried from the swimsuit shopping experience before, but never before have they been tears of joy. Whatever size you are (between 30-40 AA-DD; if you’re larger, try Lands’ End), shopping at Malia Mills is a delight. Tops and bottoms are sold as separates and sized like lingerie for a true fit. The European fabrics are exquisite and sophisticated. The salespeople at their lovely store on Mulberry Street are honest in their assessment of the different styles on your body. Their philosophy of “love …