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Reboot and Reset with Bruce Sterling

Objects are printouts – not treasures, not things to stocpkpile. Our posessions are frozen social relationships. Think of them as hours of time and volumes of space. Reassess the objects in your space and time. What is most important?

links for 2008-02-22: Design to Inspire

More images of the show . (tags: moma art patterns scale nano informationvisualization technology ) Gotham » A Font We Can Believe In Obama’s main “change” banner font is Gotham, designed by Hoefler & Frere-Jones for GQ to be something that would look fresh, yet established, to have a credible voice to it. … Mission accomplish (tags: typography politics obama gotham fonts typeface ) Endemic – New Zealand Design Store online outpost of devonport, auckland, nz based Endemic, devoted to artist and designer made fashion, publications, art toys and a wide range of playful imaginings. (tags: playful design creative shopping newzealand endemic artbooks )

links for 2006-11-27

Xerox Seeks Erasable Form of Paper for Copiers – New York Times Brinda Dalal, Xerox “Garbologist,” discovered a notable change in the role of paper in modern offices, where it’s increasingly used as a medium of display rather than storage. Documents are stored on central servers and personal computers and printed only as needed; for meetings, editing or reviewing information. The pieces of paper spewed from copiers frequently end up back in the recycling bin on the same day they are printed, she noted. (tags: paper environment recycling reusable erasable innovation invention technology) HSIM: How Stuff Is Made HowStuffisMade is an encyclopedia of and manufacturing processes and labor conditions involved in the production of contemporary products. HowStuffisMade (HSIM) reconsiders engineering / design education as fundamentally connected to the social and political constraints, organizational innovations and global context that inform manufacturing decisions. (tags: design howto manufacturing wiki research useful interesting lifecycle ecosystem interconnected sustainability) Digital Well Being London and online shop showcases the sometimes weird and wonderful relation between technology and nature through a selection of …

out of thin air – sketch furniture by front

Is it possible to let the first sketch become the object, to design directly in space?The four members of FRONT make it possible to materialise hand made sketches through using a unique method where they combine two highly developed techniques.Invisible pen strokes in the air recorded with Motion Capture become digital 3D-files. Through Rapid Prototyping, the files are materialised into real pieces of furniture.

links for 2006-06-13

Turning Rivers Into Playgrounds – New York Times Fun along the NYC waterfront, including kayaking! (Picture at right is from my own kayaking on the Hudson adventures.) (tags: nyc kayak hudsonriver hudsonriverpark pier63) New American Dream – Conscious Consumer information to make informed choices in the marketplace to protect the environment, enhance quality of life and promote social responsibility. (tags: environment consumerism guide socialjustice qualityoflife shopping) Kate’s Paperie launches home store in SoHo a favorite paper source had been playing with rugs and now apparently into wallpaper, rugs, throws, sheets, linens, containers, lamps (tags: home design color shopping nyc soho katespaperie retail) The Global Microbrand Presentation at Reboot8 by Hugh Macleod & Rick Segal: “A global microbrand is simply a business, which would be small or unsustainable in a local community or even nationwide, but can be big business when it can reach customers world wide through the internet and serve them efficiently. High-end products which cost much more than their transport seem to be natural candidates for this kind of business.” (tags: brands branding …