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links for 2008-02-21: girls love fonts

Polymorphous Perversity I can’t help getting excited about FF Polymorph. This new typeface family by Stefanie Schwarz is inspired by characters from languages around the world. It morphs into 4 styles: decoration, serif, loop and interrupution and also 4 directions: north, south, east, west. Check out also detailed PDF of features and possibilities of Polymorph. (tags: fonts typeface design global typography) NYT: Sorry, Boys, This Is Our Domain THE prototypical computer whiz of popular imagination — pasty, geeky, male — has failed to live up to his reputation. Research shows that among the youngest Internet users, the primary creators of Web content (blogs, graphics, photographs, Web sites) are not misfits resembling the Lone Gunmen of “The X Files.” On the contrary, the cyberpioneers of the moment are digitally effusive teenage girls. (tags: culture gender internet socialnetworking tech web girls women computers)

NZ Notes: Sorry S.P…. I’m leaving you for Antipodes

I love bubbly beverages: Champagne and sparkling water are always my drinks of choice. Among the sparklers, Antipodes stands out. Coming from a deep natural aquifer to the surface in Whakatane, New Zealand, Antipodes has real mouth appeal. It’s less aggressively carbonated than my usual brew, San Pellegrino, and it’s easy on the eyes too. Dressed in classic Mrs. Eaves, Antipodes complements any table without overpowering it. The oviform bottle echoes the round beads streaming up when opened. It’s a happy thing to hold. I know, I know… you have issues with bottled water. I do too. But a girl’s gotta have a vice, and until I can pour sparkling from the tap, I’ll order the bottle. (When out… technically I could make my own at home.) If it makes you feel any better, Antipodes is the first premium water to be certified carbon neutral in production and export, and they plan to be carbon neutral to any table, hotel room or home anywhere in the world by 2008. Antipodes is currently served only in …

Deep Thoughts with Claire Nouvian

Recommended musical accompaniment: Deep Water (iTunes) by Seal Claire Nouvian sailing in Penobscot Bay for a session on “Oceans in Balance” at Pop!Tech, off the coast of Maine. (More photos from Pop!Tech 2007) Claire Nouvian, a documentary filmmaker, thinks really deep thoughts about the ocean and its inhabitants. She’s especially concerned about how we relate to ecosystems that are far removed from our own. Even though oceans represent about 99% of the planet, they have only been looked at in detail since the 1950’s, and we’ve only sampled about 0.5% of the surface. The ocean remains the last frontier. Nouvian’s journey began in 2001 at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, where she was blown away by an exhibition of “Mysteries of the Deep.” She couldn’t believe the beautiful creatures she was seeing were real and not some computer generated 3D aliens. She set out to tell the world this stuff exists, making a documentary and book. Because the deep sea is remote both horizontally — you have to go over the continental shelf before …

golden purslane

golden purslane, originally uploaded by this is emily. In Natural History, Pliny the Elder encouraged wearing purslane as an amulet that could expel all evil, but today most people in the US consider purslane a weed. Nevia No of Yuno’s Farm turned me on to it as a salad green last year, and I got hooked on its lemony succulence. Purslane has the most omega-3 fatty acids of any leafy green, and it also features lots of vitamin C, some Bs, carotenoids, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. Tossed with blueberries and hazelnuts, olive oil and lemon juice, it makes a perfect summer salad. (Thanks, Cookshop.) Purslane grows easily from seed (from Seeds of Change) in a container on a sunny NYC rooftop.   Other recipes I’d like to try soon: zucchini flowers made easy spicy paneer momos

Adopting a New Rabbit

I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about a rabbit gadget…. so that’s a total lie.)In any case, the announcement email that they’re finally available is brilliant in that instead of telling me to purchase one, they point out that I can now Adopt A Rabbit and welcome me to the Rabbit Community..Should I be concerned about Sherry Turkle concerned about attachment to cuteness.

World AIDS Day thanks to Dr. Bob Frascino

This World AIDS Day, I’d like to send a big woo-hoo to Dr. Robert J Frascino, MD, aka Dr. Bob, founder of the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation and witty wise writer of the Safe Sex and HIV Prevention forum as well as the Fatigue and Anemia forum at The Body, an amazing HIV/AIDS Resource…. Beyond compassion, detailed statistics and risk analysis, informed political commentary and grammar corrections, Dr. Bob provides endless compassion, patience and side-splitting humor.

(better than) good magazine launch

for an investor, maybe not so much, unless you’re going on the Google Story lessons): give $20 to the organization of your choice (within a well selected array including some of my favorites Oceana, Witness, Ashoka and Creative Commons), get 6 issues and an invitation to the launch parties in LA and NY. With refreshing transparency, they reveal how far along they are on their goal, and how many subscribers choose each organization so you can direct your dollars accordingly if you’re torn between worthy causes.

protect your largest organ: the skin you’re in

brilliant melanoma awareness campaign in marc jacobs windows. naked celebrity photograph t-shirts with “protect the skin you’re in,” “protect your largest organ,” and “save your ass,” with proceeds going from the sale of t-shirts (and the photographs by bill ) to NYU interdisciplinary school of medicine melanoma cooperative group.