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Now, a Picture and a Poem

Just love this latest 20×200 print by the amazing Marian Bantjes… the pulsating mandalas and arrows, the different views at different sizes. It immediately conjured up One or Two Things, a favorite poem by Mary Oliver that always sticks in the center of my mind.

The Gardener (Thyme is Short)

April is here, the thyme is short, and Google Book Search is awesome! I am loving the ability to download full PDFs of books in the public domain (like The Gardener collection of poems by Rabindranath Tagore), navigate around the sections, search and see results highlighted within the text and purchase various editions. I’ve also been enjoying Amazon’s “search inside” to find information and exactly the passage I want, but their site doesn’t allow me to link directly to that page or highlight the passages within the book. The ability to access from anywhere (online), search and annotate is so compelling I would pay a premium to get access to a full digital networked version when I buy a current printed book. For some books, I’d prefer just the digital version, but for books I want to read in transit or cook with in the kitchen, paper’s still preferable.

links for 2007-03-25 (ruminating on visual code tags)

Semacode | URL barcodes | practical ubiquitous computing Semacode’s Software Development Kit is a system for ubiquitous computing. Using the Semacode SDK you can create visual tags for objects and contexts, and read them using a mobile camera phone. (tags: ubicomp ubiquitouscomputing barcode mobile internetofthings) The Kaywa Reader Kaywa’s QR (Quick Response) codes are visual tags for objects that can be read on a mobile camera phone. (tags: ubicomp ubiquitouscomputing barcode mobile internetofthings) 2007.04.01 update: related NYTimes article by Louise story: “New Bar Codes Can Talk With Your Cellphone”