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selection of NZ Artisan honeys

Wild Thymes, Honey

I’ve been seduced by a terroirist network known as New Zealand Artisan Honey, made up of passionate beekeepers producing honeys in small, quality batches from specific varietal sources among some of New Zealand’s most spectactular locations.

The Latest Issuu

Copenhagen-based ISSUU invites everyone to upload and turn their documents into beautiful turn-the-page magazine experiences for free. Once uploaded, people can bookmark, share and comment on it. Text is searchable so the document is easy to find. You can subscribe to an RSS feed of publications. Finally, you can also post and embed Issuu documents on any external site. Now actually, it’s still not a joy to quote, because you apparently can’t deep link in there, and you can’t copy and paste text and do all the things you could do with a standard webpage (or PDF for that matter). But it’s so close… you can almost taste it. And you can just embed the whole darn thing… In any case, this is a wonderful way to share the experience of a printed thing (without the waste and expense of printing and shipping). N.B. to those who like to tear, save and share the parts they like out of printed things… you’ll love Skitch.

NZ Notes: Sorry S.P…. I’m leaving you for Antipodes

I love bubbly beverages: Champagne and sparkling water are always my drinks of choice. Among the sparklers, Antipodes stands out. Coming from a deep natural aquifer to the surface in Whakatane, New Zealand, Antipodes has real mouth appeal. It’s less aggressively carbonated than my usual brew, San Pellegrino, and it’s easy on the eyes too. Dressed in classic Mrs. Eaves, Antipodes complements any table without overpowering it. The oviform bottle echoes the round beads streaming up when opened. It’s a happy thing to hold. I know, I know… you have issues with bottled water. I do too. But a girl’s gotta have a vice, and until I can pour sparkling from the tap, I’ll order the bottle. (When out… technically I could make my own at home.) If it makes you feel any better, Antipodes is the first premium water to be certified carbon neutral in production and export, and they plan to be carbon neutral to any table, hotel room or home anywhere in the world by 2008. Antipodes is currently served only in …

Travel: Best Way From New York to Boston

“I loathe the bus. There has to be a more dignified means of transportation.” –Sixteen Candles What’s the best way to get from New York to Boston? It’s not the Delta Shuttle or Amtrak Acela. Forget about Fung Wah and Vamoose. The most fabulous, luxurious and yet relatively environmentally friendly way to get from the Big Apple to Beantown is… the bus. But not just any bus, it’s the LimoLiner. (Even Samantha Baker from Sixteen Candles would approve.) I’m posting this from somewhere along the Mass Pike on a bus with 28 spacious seats, electrical power outlets, wifi, lunch and beverage service by a pleasant attendant, movies, magazines, uninterrupted cell service (and a cell-free area as well). You can select your seat in advance online, and you can book a 10 seat conference area in back for meeting before the big meeting. I never thought I’d say this, but… I love the bus. $89 one way. 888.546.5469 Departure and Arrival Poins: Hilton in Midtown NYC and Hilton in Boston’s Back Bay with optional stop …

links for 2007-11-01: Looking at Things Differently

Eye-Fi Wireless Camera 2GB SD Memory Card This is brilliant – a 2GB SD card for your camera that automagically uploads images to flickr (and many more services) when on a wifi network. (Thanks Photojojo!) (tags: photography wifi wireless camera cool gadgets flickr mobile photo technology) Undercover Jun Takashi’s Brain Bag Definitely my it-bag for fall. (Thanks, Coolhunting!) (tags: brain handbag tactile squishy purse bag wool fashion) Video: Steven Heller on “Potus Typographicus” You can tell a lot about a government by its typography and graphic design… This wonderful video features Steven Heller analyzing George W’s typographic legacy. (tags: government georgew potus typographicus typography graphicdesign design communications)

The Principles of Uncertainty with Maira Kalman

Mocha cream cake from Maira Kalman’s mother’s bakery on Johnson Avenue in Riverdale, NY (see p.246-247), served at a celebration for the release of The Principles of Uncertainty at the NYPL. Do you engage with pleasure, curiosity, fun and celebration (with time for naps) in the face of the tragedy of the day? Do you want to? This is the book for you. Maira Kalman’s delightful new release, The Principles of Uncertainty, turns out to be a heavy book. Mostly physically. Kalman says it’s because the book is extensively inked: “all the colors are in there.” Even if you’ve been following this year-long illustrated journal at the New York Times, the high-resolution images of her gouache paintings are undeniably gorgeous in print. (Even more so in person at the Julie Saul Gallery through November 24, 2007.) Aside from the inherent pleasures of the portable printed format, the book offers a few bonuses to those already familiar with the images: A pull out “Map of the United States” by Kalman’s beautiful mother, Sara Berman, with instructions …

On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance

Four Sobering Facts About Women and Money:

  1. 50% of single women ages 21 to 34 report that “at this time in their lives money is for spending not saving”
  2. 55% agreed with the statement that “they were more likely to accumulate 30 pairs of shoes than $30,000 in retirement savings.”
  3. Thirty million of America’s 40 million-plus boomer women will not be able to afford to retire, will fall below the poverty line, and will experience poorer health in their later years with limited aid from traditional safety nets.
  4. The average age of widowhood in America is 55. Four out of five widows
    living below the poverty line had not been poor before their husbands died.

Four Empowering Insights About Money:

  1. Most people don’t have a clue about money.
  2. Things aren’t always what they seem.
  3. Literally millions of people are intimidated by money matters.
  4. After reading this book, you’ll know more than the vast majority of

ecolo at alessi

Dropped in to the new light and uplifting Alessi store in SoHo designed by Hani Rashid of Asymptote. Their witty designs on every day objects always make me smile, but the “product” that captured my heart on this visit was Ecolo, a glorified set of instructions by Enzo Mari on how to recycle used plastic bottles into elegant flower vases. Alessi (with Joe, the art of coffee inside) 130 Greene St, New York, NY (map)

the ultimate backpack: art + solar + helping others

New backpack coming out this fall from Tumi co-designed by Anish Kapoor to benefit Doctors without Borders, coinciding with the launch of Kapoor’s Sky Mirror installation at Rockefeller Center from September 19 through October 27th (also sponsored by Tumi and organized by Public Art Fund).The backpack features a solar panel on top for charging a phone or PDA. Constructed from red-on-gray FXT ballistic nylon with silver metallic lining, a removable padded laptop sleve and temperature controlled neoprene compartments.