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selection of NZ Artisan honeys

Wild Thymes, Honey

I’ve been seduced by a terroirist network known as New Zealand Artisan Honey, made up of passionate beekeepers producing honeys in small, quality batches from specific varietal sources among some of New Zealand’s most spectactular locations.

Links for 2008-05-26: Greening the Grocery Store

Greening the Grocery Store Our throw-away society functions on a presumption: somebody else is taking care of this waste. Investigation suggests otherwise. The landfill is a flawed design. Even recycling, in its current mode, is deficient. Only when people become aware of facts, no (tags: design recycling sustainability graphicdesign graphics green plastic supermarket retail shopping information)

What to Wear in NextCity

Tinfoil hats are so passé. So what should you wear to Faraday’s Cafe? Check out the latest collection of electromagnetic field blocking and “anti-identity theft” clothing at DDCLAB (427 W 14th St, New York NY 10014 map). Here’s the text from the windows: EMF: Electro Magnetic Field Block Anti•Identity•Theft•Fabric Electric Resistivity measure of how strongly a material opposes the flow of electric current and allows the movement of electrical charge. DDCLAB Woven of super sheer mesh polyester fibers coated with blackened copper, this high performance ultra thin, light weight and flexible mesh shield has a high ohm/sq resistivity that protects against identity theft by blocking high tech scanners from lifting valuable passport and ID information.

links for 2007-11-05: Sartorial Subversion

IE Best Buy Polo Shirts at Improv Everywhere I’ll always have a soft spot for the corporate polo, since it was the required uniform in my family’s business growing up. The best ones, of course, are subversive. This is based on Improv Everywhere’s indelible Best Buy mission that had over 60 agents dress in the distinctive store uniform and swarm a 23rd St. Best Buy (but “just happened to dress this way today”). Get one before they get a cease and desist. (tags: improveverywhere improv subversive uniform retail)

Sweet Pre-Trial Discovery: Papabubble

Photo by Robyn Lee, ‘the girl who ate everything,’ some rights reserved. Reporting from New York Criminal Court, 100 Centre St, Jury Duty, Day 2. Wow, the wheels of justice move slowly. At least you can now enjoy wifi while you’re waiting to be called, so bring your laptop (Twitter, Facebook and Meebo blocked). But during voir dire, you are expected to pay attention even while you’re not being interviewed. Not continuous partial attention but laptops, iphones and sketchbooks away total attention. You may observe, meditate, be present, and check in with yourself. You can also suck on hard candies*. Lucky for you, Papabubble just opened a few blocks away [380 Broome St at Mulberry St, 212.966.2599]. This wondrous candy laboratory with outposts in Barcelona and Tokyo provides the ultimate in jury duty lozenges: fruit candies that look like Venetian millefiore glass, peppermint pebbles and addictive chocolate-filled coffee bites. They also handcraft giant lollies, gold-tipped finger rings and even anatomically correct hearts (which I would definitely not advise sucking on in the courtroom). If you’re …

my brother, my great spiritual teacher

One of my passions is to collect and sell indigenous religious antique artifacts. I once received a call from a New York City dealer telling me about a rare Ming Dynasty Buddha available at a very good price. He said he would send it to me with no obligations. When the package arrived, I opened it anxiously — and was somewhat taken aback. This Buddha was giving me the middle finger! I thought my dealer friend must have played a joke on me. I took the Buddha to a Chinese antique expert, who examined it and to my surprise, told me that it was very special, and definitely authentic. What about the middle finger? I asked him. He explained that the middle finger means Oneness — it symbolizes God, who is one with everything. This Buddha now has a very special place in my house. It reminds me that when someone gives me the middle finger, I must bow and see God in that person. From Alivelihood: The Art of Sustainable Success by Horst M. …

Adopting a New Rabbit

I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about a rabbit gadget…. so that’s a total lie.)In any case, the announcement email that they’re finally available is brilliant in that instead of telling me to purchase one, they point out that I can now Adopt A Rabbit and welcome me to the Rabbit Community..Should I be concerned about Sherry Turkle concerned about attachment to cuteness.

Shopdropping with the Anti-Advertising Agency

Shopdropping Workshop with The Anti-Advertising Agency Feb. 10, 2007 12-6pm Eyebeam – 540 W. 21st Street Eyebeam is pleased to present a daylong Shopdropping Workshop led by the Anti-Advertising Agency. Shopdropping (the opposite of shoplifting) is a tactic used by artists and activists to clandestinely place objects in retail stores. “Dropped” objects are usually versions of consumer products altered or recreated to detourn the retail experience. Shopdropping is a fun and easy form of culture jamming, gently subverting dominant cultural forms to create new meanings. Starting at noon, participants will receive a shopdropping overview, including artists’ shopdropping projects information and demonstrations of the necessary tools for shopdropping, and time will be given to test out some of the techniques discussed. Immediately following, participants will head into the field to help distribute a new, unreleased Anti-Advertising Agency project (as well as some creations of their own) into stores around Manhattan. This workshop will begin at Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st Street (between 10th & 11th Aves), and is open to the public free of charge.

 If you …