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Fiona Hall: Force Field – Currency, Formerly

Part three of a four part video looking at the work of artist Fiona Hall in the exhibition FORCE FIELD at the City Gallery Wellington. Fiona Hall City Gallery Wellington Art Artis When My Boat Comes In – detail, photo by cicadas , image by Fiona Hall.

Links for 2008-11-13: Travel

Street with a View Reality intervention: Street With A View introduces fiction, both subtle and spectacular, into the doppelganger world of Google Street View. Then neighbors and passers-by noticed what was going on and got in on the action, devising their own unplanned scenarios. (tags: art googlemaps maps artisticintervention technology mapping fiction streetwithaview) transfercar – from a to b for free Great idea – Transfercar makes it easy for rental car companies that need to relocate vehicles and travelers that want to save money to find each other. Travelers get a free ride driving "relocation cars" for the rental companies, which saves them costs as well. (tags: free transportation travel newzealand innovation startup rentalcar)

Book Notes from New Zealand

On Monday, I visited the National Library of New Zealand in Wellington for a discussion on ‘first fictions’ with the writers of two of last year’s most highly praised debut novels here. Mary McCallum (The Blue ) and Susan Pearce (Acts of Love) explored the themes and process of creating their books with Kate Duignan, also a New Zealand novelist. They are all new to me, and I am intrigued to read The Blue, about life in an isolated whaling community on Arapawa Island in the Marlborough Sounds in 1938. Kate asked great questions, stimulating a lively discussion. One interesting commonality she brought up was that both authors created protagonists that live in small, isolated communities who start out feeling as if they had already failed in life. That resonated as a theme I see recurring in the way New Zealand describes itself in its own media. Later that evening, McCallum won the Society of Authors Hubert Church Best First Book Award for Fiction and the Readers’ Choice Award at the Montana New Zealand Book …

Saga Dawa at Mt Kailash, Tibet

Today you can see this photo I took of Robert Thurman standing in front of Mt. Kailash in the San Francisco Chronicle, accompanying a great interview with Robert by David Ian Miller, “Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman on Why the Dalai Lama Matters,” about his new book, Why the Dalai Lama Matters. In the picture, Robert stands near the Tarboche flagpole at the outset of our kora (circumambulation) around Mt Kailash. Buddhist, Hindu, Jain and Bön traditions all revere Mt Kailash as the axis mundi – the center of the world. From it flows 4 major rivers that feed Asia: the Indus, Brahmaputra, Sutlej and Karnali. Thousands of pilgrims arrive each May and June, but this year China has delayed the pilgrimage season and limited the number of participants, restricting all foreign visitors during the Olympic torch relay in that region. After four days trekking around the mountain and reaching an altitude of 18,600 ft, we arrived back here in time for the Saga Dawa festival, celebrating the birth and enlightenment of Sakyamuni Buddha. On this …

links for 2008-02-12: connect the dots la la la la

Todays links are about freedom of communication across the globe — from kids posting video in Uruguay to people coming together to create free wifi networks in sydney, australia and wellington, new zealand. Valentines greetings from scientists. Robotic insects. Social networking’s ad revolution. Pixish, a new kind of marketplace for photography.

@Everyone – Open Social on Earth… Come Play

One minute I’m checking messages in Facebook, the next I’m frolicking through olive orchards in Sardinia with John Borthwick wearing an astronaut suit. Oh what a world we live in… More compelling than Scrabulous, Unype is a Facebook social network application that lets people see, chat and Skype with each other in Google Earth. Unype works with the Open Social API, so you can interact with people from Facebook, Ning, Orkut, hi5 and more to come. See Twitter messages and Upcoming event overlays too. You can mark up your favorite places and share recommendations, videos and 3d models. There’s also a fun geography quiz game where you answer by flying to the correct place. Highly recommended for Miss Teen USA contestants, and such. . Unype Unype Blog Enter Unype directly through Facebook

GhostGarden and More GPS Games

The surreal romance of aristocratic expat Lucy and castaway Jack enchanted me as I strolled through Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens in early January, following their love story on a handheld HP GPS device preloaded with Anita Fontaine‘s spooky sweet Ghost Garden, part of the 2008 Sydney Festival. As I traveled through the gardens, certain locations would trigger animated scenes that revealed the story, set in the 1800s. I could feel the past, present and future all melting into one, and I got excited imagining the day when it be easy to create my own site-specific adventures for people to discover as they’re traveling through a space. That day turned out to be less than a month away! Wherigo is a flexible gaming platform that Garmin is embedding in their new Colorado 400t Handheld GPS unit (Pictured at right. Thanks, Brady!) Wherigo Builder allows anyone to build alternate reality games, tour guides, local reviews, real estate marketing apps, scavenger hunts, pub crawls or Victorian love stories that are site-specific by mapping out zones, creating a story …

NZ Notes: Sorry S.P…. I’m leaving you for Antipodes

I love bubbly beverages: Champagne and sparkling water are always my drinks of choice. Among the sparklers, Antipodes stands out. Coming from a deep natural aquifer to the surface in Whakatane, New Zealand, Antipodes has real mouth appeal. It’s less aggressively carbonated than my usual brew, San Pellegrino, and it’s easy on the eyes too. Dressed in classic Mrs. Eaves, Antipodes complements any table without overpowering it. The oviform bottle echoes the round beads streaming up when opened. It’s a happy thing to hold. I know, I know… you have issues with bottled water. I do too. But a girl’s gotta have a vice, and until I can pour sparkling from the tap, I’ll order the bottle. (When out… technically I could make my own at home.) If it makes you feel any better, Antipodes is the first premium water to be certified carbon neutral in production and export, and they plan to be carbon neutral to any table, hotel room or home anywhere in the world by 2008. Antipodes is currently served only in …

NZ Notes: Auckland Hilton: White & Bellini

Overlooking Waitemata harbor’s expansive blue vista, the White Restaurant at the Hilton Auckland features a cool palette, warm service and delightful meals. Starting with our first favorite meal of the day, highlights of the breakfast buffet include poached pears with vanilla beans, blueberries with cinnamon sticks and apricots with cardamom pods. These are delicious over the bircher muesli, as are the fresh melon selections. The coffee is also excellent, but there are a couple of terms you need to know if you’re not from down under: Flat white is the local favorite, which has less milk than a latte, less foam than a cappuccino. Long black is a double shot of espresso with a little hot water, basically a stronger americano. Lunch favorites (click to see): carrot and orange soup with ginger and lime-cured salmon seafood on braised fennel with bouillabaisse sauce harissa lamb cutlets with sautéed artichokes lychee and rosewater brulée with brandy snap wafer (pictured above) warm mixed nut pie with lemon myrtle custard and vanilla ice cream poached apple trifle with granny …

Power Places of Tibetan Buddhism

Beyuls are hidden lands of spiritual treasure tucked into the Himalayas. They are fabled to be accessible only to those pure of mind and heart. Now all you need is Google Earth or Google Maps. Rolf Gross has posted a Google Earth extension for the “Power Places of Tibetan Buddhism”: an annotated… collection of […]

New Film: Bhutan: Taking the Middle Path to Happiness

Looking forward to seeing Tom Vendetti’s new film, Bhutan: Taking the Middle Path to Happiness, after viewing the compelling trailer.
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