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Links for 2009-01-04: The Creature Crisis

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The Creature Crisis In New Zealand we could discover and name a new species every day for a long time, with the right level of resources applied to the task. New Zealand ranks among Conservation International’s top-25 biodiversity hotspots – “the richest and most threatened reservoirs of plant and animal life on Earth”. About 80% […]

Links for 2008-11-12: Evolving Evolution

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transfercar – from a to b for free Great idea – Transfercar makes it easy for rental car companies that need to relocate vehicles and travelers that want to save money to find each other. Travelers get a free ride driving "relocation cars" for the rental companies, which saves them costs as well. (tags: free […]

Links for 2008-09-09: Friendly Invaders

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Friendly Invaders When Europeans began arriving in New Zealand, they brought with them alien plants — crops, garden plants and stowaway weeds. Today, 22,000 non-native plants grow in New Zealand. Most of them can survive only with the loving care of gardeners and farmers. But 2,069 have become naturalized: they have spread out across the […]