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This is my brain on XMediaLab

This is my brain on XMediaLab

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Links and notes from XMediaLab in Auckland, a combination think-tank and creative workshop with a focus on the design, development and business of digital media ideas across multiple platforms.

links for 2008-05-03: Resilience

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Resilience, Adaptation and Transformation in Turbulent Times Video of interesting talks from recent international science and policy conference in Stockholm exploring complex dynamics of interconnected social-ecological systems available online. (Thanks, Worldchanging) (tags: resilience adaptation transformation science policy interconnected systems video conference)

Links for 2008-01-30: People Projects

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BIL conference wiki Sounds like an excellent adventure! BIL is the self-organizing unconference across the street from the TED conference, overlapping by a day. (tags: unconference conference BIL TED) The Citizenship Exchange Project CEP proposes a resolution to highly bureaucratized and political systems of immigration. The Peer-to-Peer immigration network makes alienating systems of human migration […]