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Painting Workshop with Max Gimblett

Painting Workshop with Max Gimblett

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Max paints like Tibetan Buddhist monks debate, animated with kinetic punctuations. He describes it as automatism, “one stroke bone” and “all mind and no mind”. Think very clearly of what you want do before you start, and then let go and free your mind while doing, “a little like making love.”

Links for 2008-11-10: Web for Change

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Al Gore and the Purpose-Driven Web Forget about swapping party pictures on Facebook and other “gee-whiz stuff,” says former Vice President Al Gore. “Web 2.0 has to have a purpose.” “The purpose, I would urge all of you — as many of you as are willing to take it up — is to bring about […]

Links for 2008-05-14: Neural Buddhists

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The Neural Buddhists In unexpected ways, science and mysticism are joining hands and reinforcing each other. We’re in the middle of a scientific revolution. It’s going to have big cultural effects. (tags: consciousness buddhism science mind brain materialism spirituality)

Streams of Consciousness

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Two great streaming media offerings exploring the nature of consciousness:
Oprah and Eckhart Tolle’s “New Earth”online event and Jill Taylor’s TED Talk.

Poems On Mindfulness with Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Poems and notes from a delightful talk with Jon Kabat-Zinn and Bokara Legendre (filmed for her “Conversations with…” series for LinkTV, so surely you can see it soon too.)

Links for 2008-01-31: Questioning Consciousness

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Questioning Consciousness by Nicholas Humphrey in SEED To understand consciousness and its evolution, we need to ask the right questions. (tags: consciousness mind qualia)