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Links for 2008-05-02

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Fab@Home Dedicated to making and using fabbers -machines that can make almost anything – right on your desktop. Everything you need to know to build or buy a fabber, and print 3D objects. The designs and software on this website are free and open-source. (tags: fab 3d printingobjects internetofthings rapidprototyping) On the Pursuit of Happiness: […]

links for 2008-02-20

links for 2008-02-20

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Welcome to the National Bitter Melon Council! Love eating bitter gourd/ bitter melon in Bhutan and China… Looking forward to studying this beautiful reference to all things bitter melon and figuring out what to do with it at home. (tags: bittermelon food cooking) The Wild Side: When Life Goes Cloudy Olivia Judson asks what’s it […]