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Links for 2008-11-10: Web for Change

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Al Gore and the Purpose-Driven Web Forget about swapping party pictures on Facebook and other “gee-whiz stuff,” says former Vice President Al Gore. “Web 2.0 has to have a purpose.” “The purpose, I would urge all of you — as many of you as are willing to take it up — is to bring about […]

links for 2008-02-22: Design to Inspire

links for 2008-02-22: Design to Inspire

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More images of the show . (tags: moma art patterns scale nano informationvisualization technology ) Gotham » A Font We Can Believe In Obama’s main “change” banner font is Gotham, designed by Hoefler & Frere-Jones for GQ to be something that would look fresh, yet established, to have a credible voice to it. … Mission accomplish (tags: typography politics obama gotham fonts typeface ) Endemic – New Zealand Design Store online outpost of devonport, auckland, nz based Endemic, devoted to artist and designer made fashion, publications, art toys and a wide range of playful imaginings. (tags: playful design creative shopping newzealand endemic artbooks )